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Study on the socio-economic factors related to the purchase of packaged products on the Nielsen consulting

58% Of Spanish consumers takes into account the format of the packaging

Drafting Interempresas24/03/2010

March 24, 2010

Behind the price and the product brand, 58% of Spanish consumers takes into account the size and format of the packaging of your shopping basket. These are the main conclusions of the study of socio-economic factors related to the purchase of packaged products, conducted by Nielsen for Ecoembes, society not-for-profit for the selective collection and recycling of light packaging (plastic packaging)(, cans and briks) and containers of paper and paperboard.

The study analyzes over 5,000 references most purchased by 8,000 Spanish households, in 100 categories of products, with the aim of designing a 'basket type' of the Middle Spanish home. On the other hand, it analyses the consumption patterns of these homes and determines priorities and reasons for choice of sizes and formats of pre-packaged products.

The choice of a form or another is conditioned by the characteristics of each household, very determined by the type of family and age that is

The study reveals that there is no a single basket of Spanish consumer, but the basket every family depends on the needs of the home. Users not overwhelmingly prefer large or small containers, but that the choice of format depends on the adaptation of the product packaging to their personal and family needs. Young people living alone, families with children and mature couples show consumption habits very differentiated in function of their work and the time available in your home (large, small, pod...). For example, although the leading format in the olive oil market is, without doubt, a litre plastic bottle emphasizes that young people themselves choose also the 750 ml glass bottle, while the 5 litre bottle has a great demand on families with children. In the market of juices emphasizes the use of the 200 milliliters brik in families with children, widely used for consumption outside the home, while older couples prefer the format of a liter and young people, large consumers of juicesthey go for the 2 litre format.

Preference for the size of packaging in food products.

Preferred formats in the packaged products

The packaged food industry

In the packaged food industry (preserves, milk, yogurts...), in general, consumers prefer small packages and, preferably, in pods. Currently, families are few and large containers make the products can expire them. Users prefer small packages because the adaptation to their needs and the preservation of the product. However, the main reason for the choice of individual dose packaging is the best adaptation of these formats to the needs of consumption outside the home. When the large packaging is preferred, the reasons are mainly economic.

Fresh products

In fresh produce (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish...), young people prefer to buy, increasingly, pre-packaged products, forehead to the older age expressing his preference that attend them, recommend them and can choose the amount of product they want. The advantages of a packed product (hygiene, conservation of the product, convenience and speed of do tails) in addition to the information that is indicated on the labels of

packaging (weights, origin, date expiration...) are very important for young people and families with children.

Drugstore products

Drugstore products, consumers prefer mostly large size that is associated with the savings. Also, consumers, especially those of greater age, go for packaging of recharge.

Packaging of personal hygiene

In packages of personal hygiene (shampoo, gel, deodorant...), there is a preference for small or large containers. Consumer demand for manageable packaging. For example, in products such as gel, the large size (1 litre) tends to be preferred because it has a family use. In products for personal use (deodorant, Cologne), however, the required size is smaller, it is customary that each member used a different variety. Users demand at least two sizes of container because the use on travel and/or gymnasiums makes smaller and more easily portable formats will be needed.

After price and brand, the consumer appreciates that containers are respectful with the environment

Finally, in relation to the degree of environmental awareness of Spanish households, one can say that the Spanish consumer considers it necessary to contribute to the protection of the environment, but at the same time, recognize that aspects such as price or brand is puts in their purchasing decisions.

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