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Creación de un Comité de Envasado

Horticom News06/03/2004

6 de marzo de 2004

Un comunicado de prensa de la PMA, www.pma.com, de 22/01/04, indica que por el interés renovado en los envases debido a las regulaciones de seguridad alimentaria, así como por las emergentes tecnologías "inteligentes" con potencial para mejorar la trazabilidad, esta asociación creó  un Comité de Envasado como foro para analizar los temas relacionados. El texto expandido, en inglés, lo explica.

PMA Committee to Develop Packaging Solutions to Benefit Supply Chain

A Press Release dated the 22th January 2004 indicates that due to a renewed emphasis on packaging brought on by new food security regulations as well as emerging "smart" technologies that have the potential to enhance product traceability, the Produce Marketing Association recently formed a Packaging Committee to give its members a forum to openly discuss packaging issues and develop solutions that will benefit packaging options currently in use throughout the supply chain. The committee will focus on how packaging may be further improved to keep produce safe, how it can make distribution processes more efficient, and how it may enhance the consumer experience. The committee met January 15 in Dallas, Texas, and agreed to pursue several initiatives specifically:

*  Identification of trends and best practices regarding packaging identification including Auto I.D. technologies
*  Identification of consumer perceptions on packaging that influence buying decisions and overall consumption of produce
*  Identification of voluntary packaging standards that enhance supply chain efficiencies

In addition to these initiatives, the committee will also prepare a summary of governmental regulations that impact packaging decisions.

"Due to the multitude of packaging options currently available for fresh produce, there is a real need for the packaging industry to work together to find solutions that enhance supply chain efficiencies and meet consumer expectations. In addition, new technologies hold the potential to influence packaging form and function. It's important that all segments be thoroughly studied in order to develop solutions and standards to benefit the supply chain. After observing the enthusiasm shown at the committee's first meeting, I'm very pleased with the progress it has made," said PMA Packaging Committee Chairman Jim Vangelos, president and CEO, Hays Container Services, Fresno, California.

Committee Vice Chairman Ron McCormick, vice president/divisional manager, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Bentonville, Arkansas, added that "recent world and national events have created a renewed focus on food safety and product trace back. As a result, it has become increasingly important to have a way to trace packages from the point of consumer purchase back through the supply chain to where they originated. Since almost all PMA members deal with packaging-related issues on a daily basis, this committee will allow buyers and suppliers to discuss packaging issues that impact their businesses, learn from each other, and develop standards that will benefit the entire industry."

In addition to serving as a resource for the grower and retail communities, the committee will allow PMA to collect and disseminate information to its membership on packaging issues through its learning network of products and educational offerings.

The committee includes representatives from packaging, retail, transportation, and grower-shipper operations, as well as an education consultant. In addition to Vangelos and McCormick, serving on the committee are:

*  Mark Bassetti, vice president of marketing, A. Duda & Sons, Inc., Oveido, Florida
*  Jim Lemke, vice president of sourcing, C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc., Eden Prairie, Minnesota
*  Dan'l Mackey-Almy, vice president, Del Monte Fresh Produce, Dallas, Texas
*  Michael McCartney, QLM Consulting, Sausalito, California
*  Robert Muramatsu, vice president, RPC and produce, CHEP, Orlando, Florida
*  Tip Murphy, vice president of sales, Chiquita Fresh North America, Cincinnati, Ohio
*  Dan Pyne, vice president of packaging, Weyerhauser, Aurora, Illinois
*  Dave Russell, IFCO Systems North America, Houston, Texas
*  Roger Schroeder, vice president of produce, Stater Bros. Markets, Colton, California
*  Dr. Sher Paul Singh, Professor, School of Packaging, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
*  Ken Smith, director of supply chain solutions, Georgia-Pacific, Atlanta, Georgia
*  Bob Spence, vice president of business development, Ready Pac Produce, Inc., Baldwin Park, California
*  Steve Stradtman, Rehrig Pacific, Los Angeles, California
*  Hugh Topper, director of produce, HEB Grocery Company, San Antonio, Texas
*  Eric Wexler, vice president of supply chain management, Tanimura & Antle, Salinas, California

The Produce Marketing Association (PMA), founded in 1949 and based in Newark, Delaware, is a not-for-profit global trade association serving over 2,400 members who market fresh fruits, vegetables, and related products worldwide. Its members are involved in the production, distribution, retail, and foodservice sectors of the industry. PMA's core purpose is to sustain and enhance an environment that advances the marketing of produce and related products and services.

More information: Lee Mannering, LMannering@mail.pma.com



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