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Pipes TOM of PVC-Or of Molecor

The most efficient solution for the drinkable water to pressesure

Editorial Interempresas24/02/2012

24 February 2012

The pipes TOM of PVC Oriented (PVC-Or) that manufactures Molecor sound the most efficient option and ecological of the market for the transport of drinkable water.

The pipe TOM of PVC Oriented (PVC-Or) is the canalisation for the transport and distribution of waters to pressesure that, thanks to his innovative system of manufacture and to his characteristic structure laminar, uses lower quantity of prime matter and of power during his manufacture and back use, by what has a better contribution to the sustainability that other plastic materials. Between the most important characteristics of his quality and efficiency are: 100% recyclable, chemically homogénea and inactiva, resistant to the corrosion, absolute estanqueidad and long useful life. All these properties do of the pipes of Molecor the perfect solution for the management of the resources hídricos available.

High flexibility that allows to adapt to the traced.

Material chemically inactivo

The PVC-Or is a material chemically inactivo in front of all the chemicals of the nature, by what is possible to bury the pipes in any type of floor without running risks. Besides they avoid problems of degradation of the own material, what avoids escapes of water or the leak of substances to the interior of the same that altearan the quality and purity of the water.

This chemical inertia of the PVC-Or, also attains that the desinfectantes that contains the water, like the dioxide of chlorine, do not attack to the inner wall of the tube, what keeps inalterada his quality and his useful life.

Resistant to the corrosion

Thanks to that the material does not see altered chemically, remains intact and is totally immune to the corrosion. The PVC-Or is a material homogéneo, that does not carry neither coatings neither protections catódicas that yes could degrade and reduce the useful life of the pipe in case of desprendimiento or bad operation.

On the contrary of what occurs with the pipes of ductile smelting, for the ones of PVC-Or does not be necessary to choose special coatings in function of the terrain where go to install , since neither have any coating, neither suffer wear of the mortar of cement because neither they carry it. Of this form, ensures that never they produce points of corrosion that alter the quality of the water, what, in extreme cases, would suppose that they exceeded the limits established in the RD 140/2003, and turned into water no apt for consumption and a problem of public health. The advantage that present in front of the pipes of other plastic materials, is that they do not degrade by the action of existent chemical agents in the nature and, therefore, his useful life is longer.
Interior of the tube of 630 mm.

Constant discharge of circulation of the fluid

The character excepcionalmente smooth of the inner wall of the pipes of supply of water manufactured in PVC-Or favours the flow and limits the eventual tanks that could hinder it.

For the transport of drinkable water, these properties are indispensable to preserve the quality, since this could see altered if the tanks incrustados went dragged by the fluid. They could arrive even to cause failures in elements of the network, as they can be the pumps or create obturación in the mechanisms of operation. This minimum learning of tanks in the pipes does that the inner diameter hardly see reduced, and, of this form, ensures the maintenance of the discharge of the fluid for which the pipe has been designed during all his useful life.

It is necessary to take into account that the process of molecular orientation for the manufacture of these pipes produces a very significant increase of the hydraulics capacity with regard to pipes manufactured with other materials.

Total quality of the water

Is checked that in the pipes of PVC-Or does not produce any migration of the components of the pipe to the water that transports, by what can ensure that the quality of the fluid remains intact permanently.

In the case of the pipes TOM of PVC-Or, the affirmation of the no migration of substances from the pipe can do thanks to the fulfillment of the essays realised in the product, carried out according to the requests of the Royal decrees 140/2003 and 866/2008 and of the French laws DGS/VS4 99/217 and DGS/VS4 2000/232.

Optimisation of resources hídricos

The complete estanqueidad of the unions of the tubes is thanks to the elastic board of big quality used and to the perfect design of the glasses of the pipes TOM of PVC-Or. In addition to facilitating the setting of the tubes and increase the performance of installation, avoid escapes of the water piped.

The products Molecor enjoy of a big ligereza.

Also is necessary to take into account that, because of the chemical inertia of the material, do not go to produce degradations that go to reduce the useful life of the driving.

With all this, the pipe of PVC-Or is the best ally in the saving of resources hídricos. And, unlike installed networks in other materials, in which by chemical degradation can produce important escapes of the water piped and even, cause that it was necessary to realise the replacement of the canalisation in few years, the pipes TOM are the perfect tool for the management of the resources hídricos available during generations.

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