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TOM oriented PVC pipes allow greater water capacity for a same nominal diameter

Molecor increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the market for facilities of irrigation with reclaimed water

Drafting Interempresas14/07/2011

July 14, 2011

Molecor, Spanish pioneering company in technology and manufacture of machinery and products of PVC-O for the channelling of waters, offers greater efficiency and environmental commitment in their TOM pipes. Oriented PVC pipes for pressurised water channelling possess characteristics and unique qualities, compared with pipes of other existing materials on the market, thanks to the molecular orientation in its manufacturing process.
Pipe PVC-O TOM presented greater water capacity for a same nominal diameter. Compared to other plastic materials, this improvement is due to the reduced thickness of the wall of the tube, that he does have a greater section of step of fluid. For ductile iron pipes, the improvement due to less roughness of the material, which means the load losses are much smaller.

The improvements achieved in hydraulic capacity range from 15% to 40%, depending on the material and the diameter of the pipe to compare.

Collection of Molecor pipes for reclaimed water.
Pipes also provide high resistance to impact and propagation of cracks because of the structure laminated material. TOM pipe is practically indestructible shock, which reduces the chance of breakage during the installation or testing of the material produced by the impact of stones. It also features a better performance against blows from RAM, due to the lower speed of the PVC - or other materials. The big difference is to compare it with pipes of ductile cast iron, getting beaten three times lower RAM. This increases significantly the security of all the elements of the network in openings and sudden closures of valves or bursts of drives.
One of the great advantages of TOM pipes lie in its great flexibility. High elastic module that introduces the pipe allows you to withstand deformations of up to 100% of the diameter without structural damage, that recovers its original shape immediately after stepping down the effort that produces such deformation.

In the same way it offers high resistance to chemical agents. PVC is an inert chemically all materials present in nature, so there is no special care should be in the study of the nature of the soil to bury the pipe of the quality of the water to circulate inside. PVC-O is a homogeneous material chemically and resistant to corrosion, i.e. no coatings or brainchild protections in the event of separation or bad function reduce the life of the pipe.

Installation of a pipe TOM 315 mm in a ditch.
Molecor offers increased installation performance with this pipe. Due to its lighter weight is lighter and more manageable than the tubes made of other materials. Manipulation and the connection of the pipes can be done manually up to 250 mm diameter; for larger diameters, although a mechanical element is needed to facilitate the movement is not required of large-tonnage crane for ductile iron pipes. In this way, both minimizes labor such as use of heavy machinery, minimising installation costs.
Environmental advantages

TOM pipe is very respectful to the environment due to:

-Optimization of natural resources: less raw material is used to get a tube of greater technical performance, because molecular orientation process significantly reduces the thickness of the wall of the tube. Therefore also consume less amount of oil to manufacture other plastic pipes.

-Energy efficiency: the energy necessary to manufacture the pipe is well below that required to manufacture pipes metallic, and due to the innovative production system developed by Molecor, also improving energy efficiency with the manufacture of other plastic pipes.

-Water resources optimization: the complete leakproofness of joints and the durability of the pipe to demotions, avoid the Canalised water leaks.

-PVC is a material 100% recyclable, that can be reused for many other applications.

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