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The Mayor of Barcelona and President of the consortium of the Zona Franca, Jordi Hereu, presides over putting up the new enclave of industrial innovation in the city

BZ Barcelona area innovation, the new scientific and technological park of Barcelona

Drafting Interempresas24/05/2011

May 24, 2011

The first companies that implemented in the BZ Park of the estate of the Zona Franca are the University of Barcelona, Acciona logistics, Fundació Clínic and the Salle Technova Barcelona. With regard to the audiovisual project, is in a stage very advanced with the management entity, involving companies Endemol, Vértice 360, RBA, Benecé Produccions i 3A Management.

The new BZ Barcelona area innovation technology park, to be held in the estate of the Franca area of Barcelona, is located at the starting point of its constructive phase, in the land recovered from the old factory SEAT. This project aims to enhance the city of Barcelona as a point of reference for the innovative industry in the sectors of food, biotechnology and culture. The works have been initiated with the commitment explicit in a series of economic and scientific institutions emblematic of the city such as the University of Barcelona, the Fundació Clínic, Acciona logistics, the Salle Technova Barcelona and a group of audiovisual as applicant producersVértice 360, RBA, Benecé productions and 3A Management.

This set of entities and enterprises cited official support for the project in a public ceremony conducted on May 3, in the presence of the Mayor of Barcelona and President of the consortium of the Franca area (CZFB), BZ Barcelona area innovationJordi Hereu and the delegate of the State at the CZFB, Manuel Royes, who has signed several contracts and protocols with the representatives of the entities that are planning to implement its centers in this technological park, so that all projects can start their work during the next few weeks. Among them, the rehabilitation of existing spaces and the construction of new warehouses and buildings, some of which will be operating this 2011. Part of the rest of agencies involved in the project, have participated in the ceremony the rector of the UB, Didac ramírez, the Manager of the Fundació Clínic, Pastora Martinez, the director d'Acciona Logística, Javier Asensio, the Manager of the Salle Technova Barcelona, Ramon Ollé, and managers of companies of audiovisual production as Jordi Bosch, President d'Endemol Spain, Antoni Esteve, Vice-President of Vértice 360, Enrique Iglesias, Managing Director of RBA, Xavier Atance, President of Benecé Produccions and Antoni Cruz, President of A3 Management.

Area dedicated to innovative industrial production

This space, for a new innovative industrial production is equivalent to 30 blocks from the District of l'Eixample in Barcelona, it will help to position the city at the international forefront of the industries with the most potential for the future. The advantages of the BZ Barcelona area Innovation Park are many and very important, because that will become a real field of experimentation of synergies between companies to improve the efficiency of the productions of the most competitive economic sectors which has the city. BZ was born human, educational and technological potential of the partners in the project. It should take into account the good connections of the enclosure with the city, with the port, airport, motorways and railway lines. Also, in a short period of time, this area will have access to the L2 and L9 metro lines. It is estimated that the business platform BZ can create about 20,000 work places in around 300 companies, which can be a strong reason for investment of about 3 billion Euros, between the public and private fund.

This project is the result of the commitment to economic and scientific institutions of the city as the University of Barcelona, the Fundació Clínic, Acciona Logística, the Salle Technova Barcelona and a group of audiovisual producers such as Endemol, Vértice 360, RBA, Benecé productions and 3A Management.

The first projects of the BZ Park

The University of Barcelona will be integrated into the initiative of the BZ Barcelona area Innovation Park with the creation of the digital factory UB, a generator area of knowledge and technology transfer which the University is proposed to establish in this area, within the cultural axis. The aim is that the digital factory is a centre of research, production and dissemination in the field of contemporary culture, with a special emphasis audiovisual disciplines and their business sector. The University expected to set up the factory this year, in the cultural axis of the street 2. Likewise, the UB will be, through different sectors, including the Clíni Foundation, in the technological core of BZ, which will bring synergies to the Sciences of the health of Bellvitge campus. The UB will rehabilitate 2,000 square meters of the former corporate headquarters of SEAT to research groups and to the campus library, see also 800 square meters, of two former flags of SEAT and almost 5,500 square meters of the former warehouse of the Seat 600. On the other hand, the UB will transform the 4.315 square meters of the building of offices Gedas, former host of SEAT, to locate the project's training, support services for teaching, the Centre of Digitalització and the Servei d'Audiovisuals.

Food, medical and cultural innovation instead of the automotive industry

Acciona logistics will be the first company in the field of food axis. It is to build a ship in an area of 10,000 square meters for the use of food logistics which will help to implement new technologies in the processing and food distribution. This industrial implementation is closely linked to the production and distribution of industrial cold draft it arises in the BZ Park and it is expected that it will already be usable for September 2011, thanks to the new Central de Generació d'Energies of the zone Franca-Gran Via of L'Hospitaletthat runs Dalkia. On the other hand, the BZ Park have, already, contact advanced with other companies in new technologies in the field of the high pressures in the food sector.

The Fundació Clínic per the biomedical research includes the development of r & d projects and training in new technologies in the field of medical-surgical, endoscopic and vascular interventions, and on the interaction of these procedures with the imaging techniquesRobotics and technologies of information and communication for medical uses. This Foundation provides build in the biotechnological axis, a series of basic equipamentos, including an estabulario and services of support and endowments in the endoscopic surgical field and image, in order to set up a centre of research in experimental surgery. The 3 Street, the Fundació Clínic provides form l'Institut d'Investigació Translacional, with the aim of promoting the Translational biomedical research. These actions behave occupation of 10,500 square meters and a commitment to lease other 10,000 square meters.

Fundació Privada Universitat i La Salle Technova technology will develop in the BZ area, a business centre and the technological School La Salle Business Engineering School. These two business projects will occupy 1,500 square meters of the BZ Park and approximately 500 square meters more, training, located at the confluence of the Motors Street with street Dolors Aleu. The Foundation has also marked a protocol of intentions for, in a second fas, to expand the space allocated to the companies, with a warehouse of 6,800 square meters, located in the calle 3.

The works for the settlement of these three companies will begin soon, during the following months.

A development which continues to the wings

Vertex, Endemol, RBA Holding and Benecé Produccions audiovisual producers working in the definition of another space devoted to the audiovisual industry which will be located in the former corporate headquarters of SEAT. The Protocol of intentions noted that audiovisual companies would occupy 8.0000 and 7,000 meter square for services and centres of production, respectively. In a second phase, would promote a set of sets and services of audiovisual production, all located in the cultural axis of the 2 streets in an area of 13,000 square meters.

BZ Barcelona area innovation is a strategic project that will gradually build industrial renewal in the Zona Franca. Currently discussions well advanced, with a wide range of economic actors, an initiative that aims to make this environment, a privileged environment with a new point of innovative and productive industrial activities. The project of urbanization is being developed by phases. Today, the first phase, understands the urbanization of 324.728 square meters of land, in the alimentaria-biotecnológica BZ plot, for productive activities with high added value of the food and technological sectors. These urban preparatory work have a budget of EUR 15 million and will offer more than the usual estate, advanced services in the field of energy management, as it is the case of the well-known Smart Grid (smart energy management network)It will be the first to develop to Spain, intended for industrial activities. The second phase of development, for the plot of the BZ cultural Park 112.403 square meters, will take place between the years 2012 and 2013, to accommodate those productive activities related to the cultural and audiovisual sectors. The budget, in this case, is EUR 10 million.

BZ, which also takes part in the initiative Health University of Barcelola Campus (DHUBc), he has the recognition of the Campus d'Excel·lència international awarded 2010, by the Ministry of education and science and innovation, has also signed cooperation agreements with MercabarnaIRTA, BioCat, Biopol, the hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, the hospital of Sant Joan de Déu and the Consorci sea Parc de Salut de Barcelona to develop research, transfer of knowledge and scientific and technical activities.

The Consortium has promoted the approval of the business platform BZ as scientific and technological park to facilitate that the companies that are located in the territory may have easier access to financial aid for new development projects. Thus, the BZ Park belongs to the Associació Espanyola of Parcs Científics i Tecnológics D'espanya, APTE, to the Xarxa of Parcs Científics i Tecnológics de Catalunya (XPCAT) and asked to join to the International Association of Science Parks (ZIKS). Also, the BZ Park maintains negotiations with a set of business and economic, technological and University entities to materialize this project of industrial modernization, so that in the coming months will be making public new implementation agreements. So far, talks that are under way may lead to the occupation of 150,000 square meters of industrial land for new economic activities.

BZ Barcelona area innovation aims to enhance the city of Barcelona as a point of reference for the innovative industry in the sectors of food, biotechnology and culture.