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The trip

Travel is an increasingly widespread and universalizado pleasure that this large group who are "ordinary mortals" we can release times of the narrowness of our environment. Since there is aircraft the ball in the world has become smaller. Get from a point on the planet to another is a matter of hours, flying in the morning from Spain to Germany and return at night to sleep over in the own bed of one's own on the same day, it is a disgrace and an advantage that suffers from or which takes advantage of many people. So small is that ball that we can even have one at home with little including internal light.

Others, refugees in the fantasy of some drugs, a more virtual travel, but travel to the end and all. And a third group of people also suffers from a kind of widespread journalism narcotic effect already as the desire to travel. Iñaki Gabilondo said in a radio interview on 21 December on the occasion of one of the awards that almost regularly receives, in addition to the garbage journalism, there is poison journalism and narcotic journalism. Even assuming the slightly numbing effect of some of our pages, Gabilondo referred probably to something which goes beyond mere exhaustion at a timely moment, to something more serious to do with our consciences. We do not feel so referred to, but we do want to highlight the direct relationship of many technologies presented in our report on the aerospace and automotive with physical travel. Aside from narcotic metaphors, fly, travel, transported in space is in our time a matter of time. We are looking for the good time when you have time, travel time and fly on wheels or fly really. Everything quickly, everything in planes or cars that reduce space, approaching various worlds and makes us more and more universal citizens. The universe of the Metal, focused on MetalUnivers, wishes you a happy new year.

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