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Pere Pey, executive director of Aefimil, explains the keys to this edition

Pulire 2010, the only contest of cleaning and professional hygiene of Spain, opens its doors

Esther Güell22/03/2010

March 22, 2010

Pulire Spain is the only contest of cleaning and professional hygiene to be held in Spain, a living room where the most important brands in the industry will be present to show their products, developments and innovations. Referred to full and solely to the sector of professional cleaning and environmental health, turns again into the meeting point of the most important manufacturers and international distributors. Pere Pey, executive director of Aefimil, the Association of manufacturer and importers of industrial cleaning machinery, explains what the strong points of this Hall.

Who is a fair as Pulire?

Is basically a monographic trade show designed for distributors, operators, with visitors at two levels: user, that is, services companies of cleaning or own operators in the sector, as manufacturers, but not only of machinery, but also of chemical products and services, tools, lifts, etc. And people who are looking for the distribution of specific products. We can also find manufacturers of brushes, batteries... On the other hand, it is a fair of minor interest for sectors such as the hospital or large surfaces; they usually subcontract these services so they are relatively interested. As a percentage of visitors, users - business services-present on about 30%, as well as the visitor's profile manufacturer.
Pulire is the ideal to be quote account of what offers the Spanish market for the problems of cleaning, sterilization, disinsfestación and hygiene solutions

Exhibitors profile

Pulire Spain 2010 exhibitors will be foreign, industrial, commercial, Spanish companies and entities and other categories of production, trade and services concerned, operating in the scope of the purposes sectors and professional cleaning below indicated:

  • Machines
  • Components
  • Products and accessories for environment
  • -Maintenance - disinfection cleaning products
  • Tools for cleaning and maintenance
  • Miscellaneous services
  • Disinfestation and rodent control

Pulire exposed product range is very large and extremely varied. How is it structured?

In fact we are always moving with a profile of product which is about 35% of machinery - is the leading trade fair in Spain dedicated to this - then the snap-ins, a very wide arc - from which manufactures cloths until the wipers windscreen wiper inhibitor(antioxidant) or cellulose -followed by chemicals and, finally, everything related to the software, lifters, brushes, batteries, vehicles, etc.

In Pulire visitors can see the high technological level of machinery, chemicals, equipment, components, accessories, centralized systems, DPI, appliances and toilette accessories, products in paper and disposable etc.

We will also find technical conferences, seminars and meetings of current issues. You explain us them a bit?

They are taught by important people in the sector and always referring to the sector, in the hands of private companies, associations, etc. And I would stress one, that of 'outsourcing of services of cleaning in a hotel'. It's a new day because so far the hotels have always had with own cleaning service, domestic, and with its own staff. But for a time the trend is seeking outside companies to manage this work. In this table you'll find a 'user', the hotelier, in this case represented by the President of the governesses, which would provide the service - a company of Madrid-cleaning, and a lawyer saw to the legal issues (topics of conventions, etc.).

There will also be the presentation of the 2nd Congress of cleaning and work rooms, but they are more commercial presentations and professional meetings.

A complete program

Within the programme of activities of the fair and as in past editions, Pulire Spain 2010 will complete its trade fair offer with a rich programme of conferences and round tables. Conferences dealt with the most current issues in the world of the cleaning and will be directed both to exhibitors and to visitors. The heads of the associations that make up the sector of cleaning and hygiene vocational in Spain will be responsible for providing them.

Thus, on March 23 and under the title of 'Good practices in the sector of cleaning', Antonio Colina Robledo, general Secretary of Aspel (Professional Association of entrepreneurs of cleaning) will be a reflection on the elements that can incorporate improvements in the sector through actions or measures that strengthen the business commitments with customers and employees.

On Wednesday, March 24, the Conference will begin with the presentation ' comprehensive cleaning. Specialization and new fields ', in which will be of the specialization and innovation, two aspects to take into account for the present and the future of cleaning, provided by Javier Campuzano Talasac, President Aselbi, Association of entrepreneurs of Vizcaya and Jesús Martínez Noga, President Abelel, Association Burgos of cleaning companies. After this Conference, the II National Congress of cleaning and hygiene vocational and the Congress (I) white paper will be presented at press conference. On Wednesday, and already in the afternoon, will be held the Conference 'global outsourcing of services, an option for the hotel sector', in order to provide a global perspective from three different angles: (hotel groups) users, service companies and working vision. The speakers will be Ana Maria Dobaño, external relations of the Board of Directors and brainchild of SEAGA (Spanish Association of Hotel governesses), Mario Samson, general director of the Grupo Sol Claro and David Diaz, partner of Baker & McKenzie.

It will close the Conference which will be held on 25 March, under the theme ' professional cleaning. Prospects for the future ', in which it will be the European services directive, the omnibus Act and the specialization and professional card. The rapporteur will be Joseph Ramon Borredà Martin, Publisher and editor of the magazine 'Maintenance and cleaning'.

Focused on a segment as broad as industrial cleaning, it is a sector that has grown in recent years? Why?

Yes, very. And it is still much room for growth. Until 2008 the growth rate was always two-digit. The halt we arrived a little later... but forecasts for 2009 are of a growth of 15-20%.

And taking advantage of this we presented at the fair a Yearbook of the Association, Aefimil, where we make public some comparative 2007, 2008 and 2009, and compared also with countries such as France, Italy or Germany, see that we have a margin of significant growth.

Each day are more than fashion ecological cleaning products. What role do they play in this fair?

Yes, they are in the order of the day. Sustainability, saving water, utensils recycling, waste treatment, all this is present in Pulire.

Pulire is a pageant with rooms in Asia, Eastern Europe, India Russia Spain...

Pulire is a brand born in Italy in the hands of the Italian Association of manufacturers of cleaning products. And this partnership has 'exported' this fair to all those countries where there were no rooms of these característcas. Thus, the Pulire brand is aimed at all emerging markets and those where there is no own halls on this sector.

There are differences between them?

Pulire Spain is at European level. Saving the volume of exhibitors or exhibition area, the big brands can be found in all of them. We have nothing to envy to the other halls.

Finally, what are the figures for this year?

If in 2008 was when live the most important growth, the truth is that this year we are noticing, as all sectors, the consequences of the crisis. However, we did not want to postpone the convening, by our commitment to the sector. But yes we have been forced to adapt ourselves changing the flag. Today we are in a 60-70% compared to 2008 occupy about 3,000 square meters of surface and with approximately 100 exhibitors.

We have fulfilled the expectations that we set taking into account the current situation.


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