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Las ciencias hortícolas en peligro

Horticom News17/06/2005

17 de junio de 2005

La ISHS, International Society for Horticultural Science, envía un comunicado invitando a la participación en un foro virtual para analizar las relaciones entre ciencias hortícolas y ciencia. En el siguiente texto, en inglés, se explica brevemente el tema y se indica una dirección electrónica para contribuir a este debate.

The issue:
Despite unprecedented growth in the size, diversity, and value of horticultural industry worldwide, horticultural science within academia is experiencing a crisis. The number of horticultural science departments at North American universities has declined 35% over the last 30 years. Students often fail to perceive horticulture as a science and certainly not as a career option.

Can this trend be reversed?
The purpose of this forum is to provide horticultural science professionals around the world with a convenient way to share their thoughts on this issue. Opinions and suggestions posted will build on one another, and in due course, will be used to draft a strategy for strengthening horticultural science as an academic pursuit worldwide.
Feel free to logon to http://www.ishs.org/future and contribute to the forum.