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Laser Coding is a new patented technology for produce labeling by Durand-Wayland, Features and benefits are:  
Instant PLU change-over.
Eliminates the high cost of adhesive labels.
Eliminates the consumers complaints with adhesive labels.
No waste and very low energy cost (~50 watts).
A "Green Product". Favorable to the environment and consumer health.
Capable of lot tracking, information gathering, etc.
No consumables.
Very low operational maintenance costs.
Only one laser head per lane is required, because the laser is capable of changing PLU number on the "fly".
Requires no additional personnel to maintain constant operation.
Packers no longer have to deal with inventory overhead, operational and maintenance costs that are associated with the adhesive labels.
Does not afect the shelf life of the produce.
Capable of marking produce that adhesive laels could not, i.e., Cucumbers.