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They recover the Bank of the framework in Extremadura


on March 29, 2011

The Centre of reference of horticulture of the Bank of the framework, Hortolab, is an ambitious project which has been launched in the former mansion of the garden of Carvajal in Cáceres, Extremadura, financed with European funds and presented as a pioneering experience led by the Popular University of Cáceresthat was inspired by the system of healthy gardens.

HortoLab is part of the Carvajal space that arises as a pilot project of a model of urban intervention that collects the most valuable of the Cáceres hortelana tradition and incorporates a comprehensive and contemporary management of urban home gardens.

The spirit of this project is to convert the garden in a landmark in the Caceres identity through strategies based on innovation and experimentation. To achieve this it has set very clear objectives:

The collection of stamps of organic, biodynamic, slow food, quality Extremadura food brand, but through collective management. It is also proposed the recovery of infrastructure and reorganization of the horticultural model; recovery and enhancement of the economic elements related to horticultural uses; improving production and quality of life of the horticulturists; boost the entrepreneurial activity around the garden, experiment and improve the techniques of ecological agriculture and biodynamic and technologies associated with the sector.

HortoLab is presented as a centre of innovation, experimentation and improvement of the techniques of ecological agriculture and biodynamic that will make it possible to recover the seeds of native species of the Bank to reintroduce them and generate a horticultural production framework, and other species of traditional agriculture which will help to maintain biodiversity in this so emblematic space of Cáceres, will also be introduced by that one of the main tasks of the project is research and inventory of the horticultural varieties with native or cultivated fruit trees traditionally in the surroundings of Cáceres. HortoLab is encuandra in the subject area of research, technological development and innovation of the city.

It also emphasises the diffusion of innovations and good practices related to the system of urban gardens and its benefits and the proposal for a return to the channel of the Bank of the framework its natural state, as well as to reconnect their vegas and lamination of avenues; the native vegetation to recover and adapt for riparian wildlife habitats.

Among the many proposals for HortoLab is the accent in the study of the management system of water and promotion of energy self-sufficiency in the horticultural area.

These interventions will give fruit in the medium term, such as the creation of an interpretation of the urban Garden Center; There will be a market of products linked to the farm (crops, new craft, reuse and recycling of materials, barter); It will provide spaces for leisure and the tasting of organic products, as they explain sources of HortoLab.

The proposals contained in the project include providing a space for inter-generational learning; a laboratory for experimentation and innovation applied to the garden and will promote the business areas of restaurant, cafes, retail outlets and terraces.