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The initiative freamers in the planned actions with reason of the nomination of Logroño-The Rioja like Spanish Capital of the gastronomy

The Rioja presents the campaign 'Foods of The Rioja' in Alimentary 2012

Editorial Interempresas02/04/2012

The Council of Agriculture, Livestock and Environingingment of the Government of The Rioja, through the initiative of promotion agroalimentaria ‘The Rioja Main', has set up the new campaign of promotion ‘Foods of The Rioja', that presented during the past 27 March in the last edition of Alimentary 2012 celebrated in Fira of Barcelona.

New image of the campaign, Foods of The Rioja.
With this new campaign, as it signalled the adviser of Agriculture, Livestock and Environingingment, Iñigo Nagore during the presentation, pretends offer a coherent image, direct, only and global of the quality agroalimentaria riojana and endow to the 25 signs of quality of an effective instrument of promotion, so much in group as separately, attending of this form to the demands posed by the own figures of quality in diverse meetings kept in this regard.
Presentation of the new campaign in front of the media in Alimentary.

This campaign freamers inside the global initiative of promotion ‘The Rioja Main', marks it umbrella that, basing in the regional identity, has consolidated like institutional mark and has big received between the general public. Now, and with the strategic value that supposes the consolidation of this image during two years between the consumers, initiates a campaign that, respecting the grafismo of ‘The Rioja Main', centres in the leadership of the figures of quality, in his products and in the companies that have converted these foods in reference and value added of the agricultural production of The Rioja.

After the presentation, the assistants tasted typical products of The Rioja.

The institutional original has a more conceptual character, appeal and advertising, and in him, the main image is the heart of ‘The Rioja Main', formed by the silhouette of the foods of quality of The Rioja.

In the originals of each one of the foods, realises more upsetting in the own product and are starred by the stamp (contraetiqueta) and a photographic image of the product on the grey silhouette of the heart formed by the foods of quality of The Rioja.

All the originals, so much the generic like the one of each one of the figures, include all the stamps of existent quality, in addition to the logo of ‘The Rioja Main' and of the Council of Agriculture, Livestock and Environingingment, of such form that offers a global image and uniform of the quality agroalimentaria regional, easily recognizable by the consumers so much of The Rioja as of out.

Office of attention to the marks

This campaign has arisen after the meetings been supported by the 25 signs of quality of The Rioja to know his demands in this sense, and ascertain that one of his main requests centred in works of promotion, communication and marketing in the own Autonomous Community, in the North of Spain and in Madrid. Thus, and like part of this campaign, ‘The Rioja Main' will loan them advice in these matters.

For this, and basing in the originals of the campaign, has elaborated a wide catalogue of services that the marks will be able to sue to the office of ‘The Rioja Main', that, of this form, turns into centre of advice and of attention to the signs of quality.

Actions of the campaign

One of the main actions of the campaign will be the identification of the points of sale of foods of quality of The Rioja, with the end that the consumers know where purchase these products, since this was one of the main lacks detected; as well as in the implantation of strategies and on-line available systems. The campaign also will be present in chains of supermarkets and big surfaces.

Likewise, will realise initiatives so much in The Rioja as out of her. After the official presentation in the Alimentary fair of Barcelona, during this year is foreseen his presence in Madrid and in the North of Spain.

In The Rioja, foresee actions in the main gastronomic demonstrations that celebrate in the diverse places, like the Festival of the Pear of Rincón of Soto, the Festival of the Pepper Riojano in Nájera, the Day of the Plum Claudia Reina, the Festival of the Chorizo of Bathrooms of River Tobía, the Party of the Oil of Olive in Arnedo, the Day of the Lamb Chamarito, the Party of the Walnut of Pedroso, amongst other.

Besides, will be present in the activities that organise or in which they collaborate the signs of quality when like this they require it, of such form that will multiply his efficiency through a powerful and profitable image, and will contribute to the promotion of each figure of quality in particular and of the quality agroalimentaria riojana in general.

This campaign freamers inside the planned activities with reason of the nomination of The Rioja-Logroño like Spanish Capital of the gastronomy during this year.