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  2. Global launching of the dúmperes articulated Doosan   (19/10/2011)

Este artículo fue escrito originalmente en Spanish. Se ha traducido automáticamente para su comodidad. Se han hecho esfuerzos razonables para proporcionar una traducción precisa; sin embargo, ninguna traducción automática es perfecta, ni es su intención la de sustituir a un traductor humano. El artículo original en Spanish puede verlo en Lanzamiento global de los dúmperes articulados Doosan

Global launching of the dúmperes articulated Doosan

19 October 2011

Near of the plant of Elnesvàgen, there are several circuits for all terrains for the proofs of the new vehicles during his phases of design and development and like part of the comprobaciones of post production. All the visitors witnessed how the new vehicles showed his capacity, crossing easily a rocky terrain very demanding and later circulating perfectly on mud and on surfaces very ondulantes. The assistants, also wanted to have the opportunity to realise/realize a proof of driving of the vehicle GIVES40 and, under the supervision of a driver of proofs, had occasion to drive the vehicles in a faster circuit that also included a zone of deep water that did not represent any problem for some so robust vehicles like these, arriving to some excellent conclusions on said product.
The new range of dúmperes articulated has the support of a regional team of sales and service with tanks of pieces strategically situated to give service to all the world-wide network of distributors of Doosan.

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