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Live and let live

Companies more and know more. Said it recently the technical manager of a well-known manufacturer of machines and is a comment which can be heard with increasing frequency in the metal sector. It is not difficult to imagine the veracity of this claim in an economic environment in which commercial aggressiveness and the obligation to sales demand of all a deep knowledge of their respective fields of action. Understand is important, very important. Knowing what is also needed is a step not for obvious ceases to have its difficulties and for this reason that companies will think much when making an investment. It is here where the work of the manufacturers of machines comes into play, presented their teams without bending, in accordance with the same time to what their client wants to. Customizations of equipment are being already very numerous and builders have this peculiarity when making forecasts, trying the maximum modularity when building. Order to be able to sell a machine passes through the conviction of a very ready client and with many sources of information.
However, the tyranny of the client is also a fashion that, although it affects one or the other to varying degrees depending on what side of the barrier are, can result in little recommended habits. All sell and all buy, so that if today we tighten our provider with unreasonable conditions, we should at least think that morning to us we can pass the same thing with our own customers. The car is one of the greatest exponents of this situation, perhaps becoming stronger as a great absorber of orders. The desire everything with higher quality, better deadlines and at lesser price form part of the dream of everybody, but the constant demand, year after year, this kind of conditions with the irrational, and often tacit, 'or take you or leave it' aheadIt is leading to a decreasing life quality.
First of all we are human beings that we live, we have our concerns and work in companies that are struggling to stay. At the time that we forget this, when we don't have that society itself is who suffer when their components are suffering, we are losing the North. It is time for collaborations, more horizontal than vertical lines. If all went into the game of the strangulation of our suppliers, up if this way of acting the we all, as consumers even at its maximum extent, chaos is next. Work, live and let live, make love and not war, beautiful targets for a cruel world.

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