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PVC, the flexibility in the edificación

Editorial Interempresas17/04/2012

13 April 2012

Kömmerling, pertaining to the Group Profine, has worked with the PVC from his starts for the creation of windows. The material used has an own formulation that improves still more his properties. This element is the Kómalit Z, which obtains after adding to the PVC a series of stabilisers, modificadores of the resistance to the impact, products lubricantes and pigments. All this does with a constant control that guarantees the quality and confers some characteristics to the profiles that fulfil with the norm JOINS IN 12608 for the manufacture of windows and doors.

The PVC has a high resistance to the abrasion, together with a low density (1,4 g/cm3) and good mechanical resistance and to the impact, what does it common and ideal for the edificación and construction. Of here his success like material of closing, especially for the construction of windows. His big ease of transformation in a rigid or flexible material, allows him be used in a big number of applications, thanks to the use of estabilizantes and plastificantes, amongst other additive. Although during a time was a material 'assaulted' with frequency by his supposed damage to the environingingment, his use generalised in critical sectors, as the one of the medicine (catéteres, the stock exchanges for blood...) It puts of self-evident his validity in general terms and more still in a sector like the one of the construction. By this reason no only uses in enclosures, doors and windows, but also in pipes for driving of drinkable and sanitary ware water.

The products manufactured from PVC, material that does not burn by himself only and ceases to burn, once that the source of heat has withdrawn , obey to high patterns of technical quality, that have motivated increasingly his uses, between them, the manufacture of profiles of this material for windows, like the case of Kómalit Z.

The reason of his wide acceptance in the market is been due to:

• thermal sensors and acoustic Isolation, is a lot of elder that in other materials.

• Dimensional stability and of the colour.

• Resistance to the crash and to the atmospheric agents, biological and chemists.

• Car-extinguible in his behaviour in front of the fire.

• Insulating electrical.

• Recyclable.

Kómalit Z, which obtains after adding to the PVC a series of stabilisers, modificadores of the resistance to the impact, products lubricantes and pigments.

The production

The plant of production of Profine Iberian (previously Kömmerling, S.A.) implanted in Spain in the year 1993, although the company already had presence in the country from 1982. It is situated in the Madrilenian place of Camarma of Esteruelas, near of Alcalá de Henares, and has an extension of 52.000 m2, of which 30.840 m2 are edificados and divided in:

  • Extrusion 1.824 m2
  • Foliado 1.600 m2
  • Kolorten 650 m2
  • Picking 3.000 m2
  • external Playground 6.800 m2

The main activities that carry out in said installations are the one of extrusion of PVC for the production of systems of profiles for windows, the process of revestimiento of colour to the profiles with fluent polymers (kolorten), the foliado of the profiles PVC and the commercialisation of accessories for the manufacture of windows.

The profiles of PVC fulfil with the norm JOINS IN 12608 for the manufacture of windows and doors.

The plant of extrusion

The 1.842 m2, that contains said plant, house a total of 14 extruders with an annual capacity of more than 11.000 tonnes. The lines of extrusion are endowed, in his majority with coextrusoras, as well as they have of the possibility to include board of postcoextrusión. The process of extrusion is very complex and in him relate multiple factors and indicators.

Quality and control

In the installations of Profine Iberian combine technologies of high precision and technical its of last generation. The quality and the constant control of all the elements that form part of the process are the mandamientos ineludibles of the company. This quality covers from the selection of the raw materials and his specific mix, to the accuracy of the profiles and to the exhaustive controls in the laboratory.

From 2008 Kömmerling has the Environingingmental Certification of AENOR, ISO 14001, that certifies that his industrial activity is respectful with the environingingment.

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