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Before you choose one of all existing technologies, it is necessary to define what is the end

Which is the prototype among the prototypes profile

Nacho Sandoval, product development and prototyping Aiju, technological centre11/03/2011
Today there is no doubt thinking that during the development of any new product that boasts, spend obligatorily by the phase for the production of prototypes. Either by the team of work that needs to focus their conceptual ideas or well by responsible for final and give the green light to launch a project of manufacturing, cannot support us for all this in a wide range of possibilities that the market can offer us. Before you choose by default one of all the existing technologies for this purpose, it is therefore necessary to define what is the end.

One of the initial and main factors that always arise is the price. Leaving aside what is expensive or what is cheap in the pure meaning of the word for example, errors in design which the prototype will enable us to detect and avoid greater than its price costs, must be taken very clear what they need; because this can even dissolve the chances of success of a great idea not be embodied in a physical model if the price of the prototype was to be high.


Another important aspect to consider is what are we going to use a prototype. Will not provide any technology for any type of prototype; i.e. a conceptual prototype does not have why to get a high level of detail and precision if only we are going to serve as an approximation of our product. On the other hand, we can not pretend to require a prototype a level of detail or greater realization accuracy that the technology itself may be able to offer, by very good to be.

A determining factor for which the different technologies are betting to have greater impact, is reflected by the materials that allow us to choose. Not only from the point of view of prototyping and rapid manufacturing services provider, but rather from the own market demand.

So well and own competition among technologies, things are moving much in this regard, both in plastic materials such as metal. For this reason, it is not difficult to find us with additive manufacturing technologies allow us to perform fully customized products for, for example the medical sector, and also materials biocompatible with total guarantee.


For other sectors not so elite, such as that of consumer goods, it is possible to perform Visual prototypes, even in color, with a very close to our digital project similarity; either with properties which come ever closer to the material that we use in our final product and even pieces composed of several opaque, transparent, rigid materials such as flexible, that they will allow us to simulate aspects like assemblies or parts type sobreinyección. In this sense digital printing technology is advancing in a surprising way.

What you really need the end user is to obtain prototypes with an aspect, finish, precision and properties such as which will have its final product, but logically before starting to manufacture it and in the shortest possible time.

Unfortunately, and until now, a technology that meets all of these factors together and allows also to translate them into our product it is complicated.

However, since Aiju for more than fifteen years trying to find solutions for prototyping and rapid manufacturing for our clients, we have seen as sometimes the final user not known capabilities that can offer the world of rapid prototyping to use it as a spring in its product development.

Aiju headquarters.

Thus, there is multitude of combinations that allow us to obtain from a totally custom piece, one by rapid manufacturing, to a short series of a product that we need to test at experimental level; one-piece model as a demonstration of a specific product trends, as well as the possibility of fully flexible manufacturing based on the needs of the market.

In that sense it is being studied for different processes of additive manufacturing, new material alternative allowing the end user being able to reflect more real as possible, the composition and behavior of your final product, such as materials:

• With specific electromagnetic properties

• With ecological characteristics

• Supporting industrial as bath electrochemical processes or processes of EDM

• With specific mineral behavior for chip startup

• With certain optical properties, etc.

In summary, either for its own internal validation of the feasibility of the project, or as a center of discussion with other products, or business card to other similar options of its competition but with a distinctive added valueIt is essential today to consider its use in any field.

Luckily, every day more businesses know and apply with much intelligence all the tools that exist is here to promote a safe and dynamic way his creations, which affects a directly in the results of any project. In short, the ideal prototype will be the one to help us manage and debug our ideas with a decrease in growing uncertainty and in less time.

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