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Guttural show

Ibon Linacisoro, Director15/06/2006
Does know you emit a sound playing the dorsum of the tongue with the back of the palate veil or approaching him forming a narrowness which passes the helmet air? In principle, one would say no, but yes for sure. Love is power. It is thus very complex, as one emits guttural sounds. Very guttural is the way to communicate with the Bushmen who, if the TV does not lie, speak by guttural sounds. Clear that it would be good to know how they sound to them our sounds, especially our own, those of the bright country par excellence. But what we were going, to the Growling. Does not expressly appear in the news, but we do not intend to stay in guttural howl of the individual that is closest to the computer that exploded in a presentation. It was at Japan, where the containment is universal, during a Conference. Suddenly, a computer, Dell that we prefer not to give the brand so as not to offend, exploded. And he did it several times, to the point of that initial guttural spectacle of the personal transformose in widespread screaming. They went from the sound touching the back of the tongue with the back of the veil of the palate to the inarticulado sound of the voice, sharp and unpleasant.

The danger is everywhere. One thinks that a computer ready to not exploit, that even if it exploits not burned easily, by that of plastics with flame retardants, that will be bad for recycling, but that you can attend a conference with a certain tranquility. What you will! The show is everywhere and always gives us pause for thought. That would have happened if the computer had been in the lap of an Executive at an airport? Initial nerves accompanied by guttural show, racing, screams... to say nothing of the battered State of the lower limbs, of all the lower limbs, of the poor naive thought a fireproof computer holder.

Since then, since the news spread like wildfire over the internet, this magazine does not we get tired of ask prudence to the plastiqueros all. Let our privileged position to always carry with us a small salt shaker with a bit of retardant, and aderecemos our most beloved "gadgets" with that polvito. Without complexes. The computer, the electric toothbrush, the PDA, mp3, digital camera... all these fruits of the crazy consumerism can be exploited in our hands, but a salerito with retardant, with a little grace, saves us the time.

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