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The project has been developed jointly by Fluke Corporation and the Universitat Politècnica of València

A pioneering technology measures the electrical losses of the installations

Editorial Interempresas23/03/2012

23 March 2012

Fluke Corporation, specialist in portable technologies of measurement and comprobación of electronic equipment, and the Universitat Politècnica of València presented the past month a pioneering team all over the world that measures the losses of the electrical systems. The device contabiliza in euros these losses differentiating between those that they are prescindibles and can delete of other fixed and necessary. Of this form the user can adopt measures to improve his installations, save power and reduce expenses.

The analyser of electrical quality Fluke 430 Series II is a new team designed and commercialised by the North American multinational Fluke Corporation that incorporates technology developed and patented by the UPV. The team measures the losses of the electrical systems of a pioneering form in the world.

Before, only the experts could calculate the quantity of power that was losing by problems related with the electrical quality. With some utilities could calculate the cost but the process of necessary measurement was out of the scope of the half technician. With the new function patented UPM of the 430 Series II, the electricians, technicians of services in field, electrical engineers and advisers of power can determine automatically and of form very simple the quantity of power ineficiente and calculate exactly the extra cost in consumption with an alone portable tool.

The new analysers of the North American multinational are the first of the market to able world-wide level to measure directly the losses of power in electrical systems because of problems in the electrical quality and calculate his cost. The energetic losses prescindibles are caused so much by ineficiencias of the electrical receptors, as by the bad quality in the supply of electrical power.

“Knowing these last losses of an electrical system the user can act to delete them. In this way, the new electrical analyser of Fluke Corporation will help to that we pay by the power that are consuming, no by the power that distributes of form ineficiente and that really do not consume”, stood out Vicente León, researcher of the Institute of Energetic Engineering (IIE) of the Universitat Politècnica of València.

Fluke Corporation Has included in his analyser 430 Series II the function UPM (Unified Power Measurement, Theory Unified of the Power). The implementation of said function in the team of Fluke is fruit of the conjoint work between the North American multinational and the Universitat Politècnica of València. It has his origin in an algorithm patented by the UPV and developed by Vicente León and Joaquín Montañana, researchers of the Institute of Energetic Engineering of this institution.


How much power loses and how much costs?

“Unified Power supposes a milestone, when being the first time that an instrument of measure includes the capacity to quantify and identify of automatic form the losses of power and his origin. Even it allows to the user, by means of the introduction of the applicable electrical prices, calculate the cost in money of said losses”, stood out Joaquín Montañana.

The researchers of the UPV realised different proofs of field to analyse the loss power in different types of installations: industrial, commercial and domestic. As they signal Joaquín Montañana and Vicente León, in some cases registered the losses of power could reduce to such an extent that the half saving in the consumption would arrive to be something upper to 65%, in the group of all the electrical system.

As it indicates Vicente León, the connection to the electrical installations of devices of compensation adapted would download in at least 20% the transformers of the electrical networks in Spain, improving the operation of the electrical system and avoiding problems of cuttings in the supply.

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