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Interactive Ibergest proposes strategies to reduce costs in the area of maintenance


7 November 2011

Interactive, company of the Group Ibergest that offers services of maintenance for inmuebles and installations, affirms that the realisation/realization of an integral plan of maintenance in the installations and teams has to include a series of strategies to optimise/optimize the productivity and reduce the costs in the area of maintenance.

The company proposes a series of practices so that, through periodic and systematic operations, can analyse/analyze the state of the inmuebles and the performance of all the processes of the company. Thus it recommends the realisation/realization of preventive actions, conductivas and correctivas to solve the problems and advance to any desperfecto anytime.

One of the actions is the preventive maintenance, through the cual the attendants of maintenance evaluate the desperfectos and warn incidents like breaks in elements like the lighted up, climatización, electricity, etc. According to Pilar García, director of integral maintenance of the Group Ibergest, “the actions that realise/realize in this type of maintenance are focalizadas to the cleaning, adjust, correction and replacement of teams and installations to ensure the performance of the distinct supplies and reduce to the minimum the problems or future failures”.

Likewise, in case of break or desperfecto in a moment punctual can speak of maintenance correctivo. This maintenance is centred/centered in adjusting, correct and substitute the dilapidated pieces in the systems, teams and installations of a building (office, shop…), to rehabilitate his normal conditions of operation.

Another type of maintenance is the conductivo, in which to the equal that the preventive carry out rounds to control that everything is in operation. This procedure allows the set up and stopped of the installations, the operations of surveillance or even operations in the electrical picture where checks the operation and the saving of energy, “For example, can establish programs of energetic saving or of control of the measures of temperature and humidity according to the RITE (Regulation of Thermal Installations of the Buildings)”, signals García.

Finally and like measure to avoid risks contemplates the maintenance of the areas of service —reviews of elevators, prevention of risks contraincendios, environment, etc.— and the realisation/realization of the activities of maintenance of agreement to the official rules.