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The point of i

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Albert Esteves

How it will be 2013

Walk the employers in these days doing budgets. Debating us, as always, between the pessimism of the intelligence and the optimism of the will. And I save for the few privileged for those who the Spanish market already is irrelevant, for the other is crucial to foresee how will comport the Spanish economy in the next year because of this will depend in good measure the evolution of our income...

Angle contrary

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Ibon Linacisoro

I change wage by happiness

64% of the Spaniards would sacrifice part of the wage for being happier in the work. It is one of the conclusions of a recent study that says also that almost 78% of the workers is happy with his employment and that 96% of the employees think that if they were happier in his work would surrender more...

Blog of Jorge Zanoletty, economist

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Jorge Zanoletty

Engine Mania

When it does three or four years went through a pothole, did not leave me a wheel. I left me the four, or the five. We go, that remained me without car. A pothole of coin, no of shod, in case no it pillan. In spite of this went on, go on, and the truth is that I have gone me accustoming to the pedestrian life. And until it goes me liking. They do not think that I look to the motorists with particular envy...

Blog of Blai Coast i Creus, president of the Institut Sallarès i Pla

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Blai Costa i Creus

Business associations: a look to the future

From the beginning of the crisis that us asola, that is to say from does already some long years, the organisations of young employers are noticing as to the emprendedores that have interest in belonging to the distinct associations costs them engage with them, because the crisis forces to all to be slopes of the accounts of results, of the costs, of the processes. Everything requires greater dedication and commitment...



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