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Abus ABU Compact GMC 100.12

Polipasto Electrical: with capacity to load until 100 kg

Picture of Polipasto Electrical
The polipasto electrical of chains model ABU Compact GMC 100.12 has the capacity to load until 100 kg of weight, with a ramal of chain and to a speed of between 0,7 and 12 m/min.

His main characteristics are his reduced weight and the possibility of enchufarlo to a normal taking of current of 230 V monofásico, what allows greater flexibility to use it in enclosed places of work.

Besides, it allows to graduate the speed, without stages, through the own botonera ABU Comander.

The route of his hook is of 3, 6, 10 and 20 m and weighs 10 kg, with a route of 3 m of the hook. It has a degree of protection IP 21.