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The company incorporates a system of manufacturing of requests by voice to resupply to all his shops, even his recent on-line shops

Group Cortefiel bet by the technological innovation guided by Zetes

Editorial Interempresas18/05/2012

18 May 2012

Zetes has turned into the technological partner of the Group Cortefiel, one of the main European companies of the sector fashion (Springfield, Cortefiel, Women'secret, Pedro of the Ironinging and Fifty Factory) present in 61 countries and with more than 1.800 points of sale.

The distribution of the company realises mainly through the centre of distribution multimarca situated in Aranjuez (Madrid), in which Zetes has carried out the implantation of a system of ‘picking' based in technology of voice and the installation of a solution of identification of boxes to high speed, based in the printers-aplicadoras of own manufacture MD4000.

In the process of manufacturing of requests and after an exhaustive analysis of the needs and requirements of the area of picking, Zetes developed a solution of picking by voice, in base to his own system Zetes 3iV Crystal, with the aim to obtain a complete control of the movements generated during the process of picking. On the one hand, Zetes auditsed the wireless infrastructure of the centre of the company to be able to guarantee the optimum conditions of coverage and communication of the system. Later, I design , it installed and it set up the platform of voice to improve the process of picking. Finally, Zetes also carried out the integration of the vocal system with the system of management of warehouse typical of Group Cortefiel, to guarantee an exchange of safe and reliable information.

It treats of the installation of labelling systems automatic to high speed for the bultos to issue, based in the printers-aplicadoras MD4000 of Zetes.

Now, the area of manufacturing of requests of the Centre of distribution of the Group Cortefiel works with a system of voice that allows them be more productive, compared with the system of radiofrecuencia with which worked previously. According to Pablo Romero, director of Logistics of the Group Cortefiel, “looked for to implant a system of picking with technology of voice to improve our productivity and quality of manufacturing. The project realised with Zetes has allowed us finally improve our ratios of quality of service to shops and reduce the costs of unitary manufacturing of each piece. Finally, after several months of work beside Zetes and IDL, our logistical operator in Aranjuez, can consider this project like finalised, after having achieved and even surpassed the initial aims of improvement of productivity and quality foreseen”.

The system of voice, developed by Zetes, also includes a tool of monitoring with which can take better decisions. In her it shows information detailed and in real time on the operarios and the works that realise, also makes possible can assign tasks and offers data centralised and the fast detection of possible incidences. “In our Centre of distribution, with crowd of processes and distinct chains, is very important to monitor the productive activities to analyse deviations and apply quickly actions correctivas. The system of monitoring of Zetes has allowed to improve the controls of the area of picking with information detailed and to measure in an area of activity of big importance”, comments Pablo Romero.

The Group Cortefiel, in his activity of ‘cross-docking' of boxes improved the system of identification of these by means of a solution of labelled automatic.

The Group Cortefiel, in his activity of ‘cross-docking' of boxes improved the system of identification of these by means of a solution of labelled automatic of Zetes integrated cheese cheese in the current sorter of routes. The printers-aplicadoras MD4000, entirely developed by Zetes, allow to label to high speed in the side of the boxes and verify, at the same time, that all the cycles of labelled are correct. The speed of identification of boxes with labels of bar code in the logistical centre of Group Cortefiel is of 3.000 boxes / hour.

The solutions ‘print & apply' installed in the logistical centre of Cortefiel are complete and offer tranquility to the company regarding the identification of bultos to issue. The software of control of labelled of Zetes controls the information that has to contain each label, with Maewin, software of edition of labels recognised by AECOC, design and edit the labels inside norm, the printers-aplicadoras MD4000 print and apply the labels in each box in movement and to high speed, these labels are also manufactured by Zetes, and by means of a system of verification checks that the data printed matter are correct and that the bulto is smart to issue. Group Cortefiel also has the services posventa of Zetes to act in case of incidence of the system.



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