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The Foundation Icil organises in Hispack the 'Logistic Corner'


20 April 2012

The Foundation Icil organises the ‘Logistic Corner' of the living room Hispack, contest that celebrates of the 15 to 18 May in Barcelona, and that it will be a meeting point and of conferences in which diverse professional will give to know the last tendencies and solutions related with the ‘packaging', the systems of packaging and transport and the intralogística to do more efficient and competitive the global chain of supply.

The experts gathered by the Foundation and linked to companies related with sectors like the chemist, drunk, feeding, engineering and quality consultancy, will speak on the identification, the automation, the systems of container and internal transport in warehouses and the technology that have developed and applied to achieve an optimisation of costs and a more integrated cheese cheese logistics with the processes in the organisations.

The ‘Logistic Corner', that will develop in the palace 1 of 11:00 to 13:00 hours, is a space of meeting whose aim is to present a series experiences and cases of best practices and of success that diverse companies have implanted in his integrated cheese cheese logistical chains. These initiatives deployed by the organisations are closely related with the ‘packaging', the systems of container, packaging and transport (boxes, palés, containers, etc.) and the intralogística, with the purpose last to do more efficient and competitive the global chain of supply, from the providers until the final customer.

Through the distinct interventions and presentations of the diverse professional participants, the Foundation Icil wants to give to know the last tendencies developed and applied in and by companies of sectors so diverse like the chemist, the one of beverages and feeding, engineering and intralogística or the and-commerce, that look for to optimise costs and integrate the logistics in his processes.

The practical cases that will present in the conferences of the ‘Logistic Corner' will be a clear example of the solutions, so much generic like personalised, that the companies have developed to cover specific needs in the field of the supply chain, supporting in the narrow collaboration between providers and customers.

Programs Tuesday 15 May

11:00–11:30 h. Technologies of identification of Bar codes with cameras of artificial vision, volumetric measurement and weighing applied so much in the sector of the packaging, courier and expresses as in the one of the storage and the distribution. Speaker: Luis Talavera, commercial director of LYL Engineering.

11:30–12:00 h. Three proposals to reduce the logistical costs in the sector of the packaging. Speaker: Ezequiel Abad, ‘Manager and Business Development' of Chep Spain

12:00–12:30 h. Automation in the and-commerce: the case of Privalia. Speaker: Jesús Majem, partner director of Abbrain.

12:30–13:00 h. Displays Promotional. How increase the sales and optimise the costs in the last mile of the distribution. Speaker: Roberto Aguado, ‘Marketing Manager' of Chep Spain

Program Wednesday 16 May

11:00–11:30 h. Management of the Logistical Intern with SAP in the centres of DAMM. Speaker: Josep Francesc Plensa Suñé, director Office of Spain of the Line of Business of Industry and distribution of Tecsidel.

11:30–12,00 h. Election SSI Schaefer. The profit that provides a good solution. Speaker: Pedro Macià, commercial Manager of the division of boxes and containers of SSI Schaefer.

12:00–12:30 h. Innovation: the palé of plastic retornable in the sector of beverages. Speaker: Alberto García Ruíz, steering of Projects of Supply Chain of the Group Mahou-San Miguel.

12:30–13:00 h. Logistics and Packaging: a transversal look in the sector of the feeding. Speaker: Oscar of Gruijter, general director of Stork Inter Iberica S.To.Or.

Programs Thursday 17 May

11:00–11:30 h. Vehiculos autoguiados To the service of the competitiveness. Speaker: Rubén Martínez García, coordinator of Relations with Stakeholders, Stakeholder Relations Manager.

11:30–12,00 h. Innovation and sustainability in containers. Speaker: José Núñez-Cobos, ‘Commercialization Manager' of Coca-Tail Iberian Division.

12:00–12:30 h. Presentation project Packaging Pharmaceutical Sector with temperature controlled (72 hours). Technical committee Chemist of the Foundation Icil. Speaker: Eduard Monrós, boss of warehouse distribution product finished Farma of Merck, S.L.

12:30–13:00 h. Paginate the experience of use with the logistics. Speakers: Belén Beautiful Brook, director of projects of design and innovation of Idom; Menno Veefkind, director of projects of design and innovation of Idom.

Programs Friday 18 May

11:00–11:30 h. Miscellaneous applications in transport and internal distribution with system without discontinuidad. Speaker: Miguel Saltworks, general director of Ferag Iberian S.A., Denipro AG.

11:30–12:00 h. Manufacturing of requests in and-commerce by means of matrix sorters. Speaker: Peter Voet, ‘Manager Salts & Marketing Manager System Desing' of Equinox Material Handling Equipment BV.

12:00–12,30 h. ‘Wacker'. Manufacturing of requests of units limited directly to box packaging, with system monorraíl. Speaker: Rolf Schönenberger, CEO Schönenberger System GmbH.

12:30–13:00 h. Final conclusions. Speaker: Jaime Looks, technical director of the Foundation Icil.

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