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It removes it it will not prioritise the payment of the debt of the Administrations


3 April 2012

The Platform Multisectorial against the Morosidad (PMcM), impulsora of the Law 15/2010 of Fight against the Morosidad in the Commercial Operations, has informed to the companies and autonomous that removes it “will not prioritise the order of payment of what owe the Local Administrations to his providers, unlike what insinuated in the article 8 of the Royal decree Law 4/2012, recently approved”.

Like this has ensured it Antoni Cañete, spokesman of the PMcM, after quality consultancy it this entity directly with the Ministry of the Treasury and Public Administrations, by what ensures that “indicate removes it would be like doing a donation to the Administration, because it does not suppose any conditioning to the hour to earn before, since the factors that yes that they will follow taking into account are the antiquity, the condition of SME or autonomous and the one who the debt was judicializada”.

All SME or autonomous for the record in the lists published by the entes local or that they have obtained the certificate of debt of his corresponding administration can already realise his formalities to adhere to the Plan of Payment to Providers (renouncing like this to the procedure of ordinary payment), so much through Internet until 22 April connecting to the database of the Agency Tributaria (, as by writing attending until 21 April to the local entities that owe them money.

Likewise, the PMcM continues demanding mechanisms that have been very effective in other countries that could help to improve the situation in Spain, for example the figure of the mediate like measure no coercive, the cuttings of trade, to the equal that the implantation of a penalizing diet by incumplimiento.

Data of morosidad

The Platform that values very positively the payment of the historical debt of the administrations to the providers, requests that from now all the administrations fulfil with the valid law in the terms of payment, that is of 40 days during the year 2012 and that it will be of 30 days from 1 January of the 2013, The last report of the PMcM signals that the half term of payment to providers in Spain increased in 2011 in five days regarding the previous year, so much by part of the Public Administrations as of the private sector, situating in 162 and 98 days, respectively.

The platform stands out the importance in solving the problem of morosidad since Since it initiated the crisis, the PMcM estimates that of some 500.000 companies that have disappeared (200.000 SMEs and 300.000 autonomous), a third has been been due to the morosidad.



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