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  2. Mecalux Builds a logistical centre for the Group Stanley Black&Decker   (01/03/2012)

This news article was originally written in Spanish. It has been automatically translated for your convenience. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace a human translator. The original article in Spanish can be viewed at Mecalux construye un centro logístico para el Grupo Stanley Black&Decker
It foresees that the building was totally finished around the middle of this year

Mecalux Builds a logistical centre for the Group Stanley Black&Decker

1 March 2012

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The systems of storage that installs Mecalux in the logistical centre will allow to move 8.000 daily packages of products of Facom. According to the general director of Mecalux in France, Daniel Joly, “the logistical centre has designed so that Facom can optimise the work and take advantage of to the maximum the available space in the building”.

The manager of the project of Facom, Tanguy Buisson, has explained that “the election of these systems of storage will suppose to our company a saving of space and of time, since the operarios will not have to do big travel to prepare the requests”.

120 linear metres of carriers

Mecalux Will install in the warehouse of Facom 120 linear metres of carriers that, thanks to some metallic rollers, will move the commodities to the positions wished by the operarios. More specifically, by means of the accionamiento of systems of motorisation and of control of presence through elements of mechanical or optical detection, achieves that the boxes or trays displace of form controlled to the positions required.

Treats of a system of continuous transport and escalable, according to the needs of growth that pose his users. The carriers are robust, designed to resist an operative daily of high performance, and his ergonomic and compact design facilitates the work of the operario.

Likewise, the company will instrument the ship with shelves to store palettes, of 9 metres of height and 90 metres of length, as well as shelves for picking M7 and for picking dynamic, of 2 metres of height and 20 metres of length. This class of shelves facilitates that the commodities arrive quickly to the operario to be able to prepare the requests, without that these have almost that move.

The warehouse, situated in France, will use for the products of the mark Facom, European specialist in the commercialisation of tools for the industrial state and of the automotive sector.

These shelves are thought for warehouses with a lot of volume of picking, since they increase the number of lines to prepare and avoid travel of the personnel that realises said operations. It treats of shelves formed by platforms bent of roldanas or rollers that guarantee the optimum entrance and exit of the material. The commodity enters by an extreme and glides by gravity, until the contrary side that gives to the corridor of exit. Of this form, obtains a perfect rotation of the product, avoids interferences in the tasks of replacement and collected of the material, at the same time that increases the rapidity in the manufacturing of requests.

All the logistical centre will be controlled by a software of management, that will allow to know from the state of the stock until the control of requests in real time.

The systems of storage of Mecalux will allow to move 8.000 daily packages. It foresees that the building was totally finished around the middle of 2012

automatic vertical Warehouse Classimat

To save space and diminish the time of manufacturing of the requests, the logistical centre will explain also with an automatic vertical warehouse Clasimat of 9,5 metres of height. This product of Mecalux makes possible that the commodity stored go directly to the operario, reducing like this the number of routes that usually produce inside a building of these characteristics.

Clasimat Is a structure that has of a mechanism extractor and elevador for the entrance and exit of the commodities. His operation is very simple: the operario selects in the screen the product wished and, automatically, the lanzadera displaces in vertical until the level in which it is situated, extracts the corresponding tray and carries it until the place of picking or table of exit.

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