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Octavian, Octavia: are some pringá you!

Ibon Linacisoro. Director01/10/2009

October 1, 2009

Octavio lives in the Basque country and has a job. It also has a couple and they have two children, both in age of medical care. To the extent possible, be well cared for. His partner is called Octavia and also has a job. As the two have employment, Octavian and Octavia are forced to hire a person to meet well the two boys, and already by the way, to deal with household chores which, as everyone knows, revolve around how tame to children. Such a person is Novenia. Total, that as both Octavian and Octavia in their respective work, look as it is the thing, much to his regret, he communicated to Novenia that its rise for 2010 will be the same that they themselves are going to have in their respective jobs. Namely, 0%, and that with remarkable effort for its part, because their salary will not vary but it is their variable remuneration.

There are many other things that Octavian and Octavia not be can occupy. That is why, in agreement with all of your block, neighborhood, their city, their autonomous community and his country, Octavian and Octavia are responsible about how many workers are providing this service, the organize, managemake everything work this around us. That is its function. Actually this not so mounted Octavian and Octavia, it came them thus given when already started to have use of reason and, well, that there is no stopping him. The fact is that Octavian and Octavia have been able to take action on Novenia, a type of service provided to them.

But neither Octavian and Octavia had been able to take a decision with regard to the others who work for them. So decide that others, which also, incidentally, keeping actors of our history of today, along with other few. And so, still, our dear friends attend stunned the rise of 2% of the 63,000 staff members of the Basque Government (Yes, there are many, but we have much to do). You're surrounded on all sides, with a superlative insecurity in their own jobs, our friends the octavios give thanks to maintain wages and be able to continue paying Novenia and the 63,000.

All these last are given of course the job, for the coming year, for the next one, the other and each other. See, not going to racanear with which provide us this service. They are paid (if this collapses, someone has to survive), they are given a job for life, man please, a little bit of conditions for which provide us a service. They have even other many advantages that Octavia and Octavian would consider a real bargain for themselves. "The employer by the employee", thinks Octavio, who is very selfish thoughts.

I hope that Octavian and Octavia does not read this, because I am going to tell the truth about themselves: "Octavian, Octavia: are some pringá you!".

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