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amec Approaches his external network to the companies


28 May 2012

amec, the greater association of exporting companies and internacionalizadas to state level, has gathered in Barcelona to his external network, with presence in more than 20 markets, with the aim to detect projects of international expansion of the companies in these countries, given the last desaceleración of the exports.
The representatives have been able to keep meetings with amec, as well as with companies interested in these markets. As a result of the interviews realised, have detected more than 50 possible projects of the companies focalizados in China, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Tunisia.
Besides, it has checked that the interests of the companies to these countries direct , mainly, to obtain at first hand information of the market, research of channels of commercialisation and follow-up of contacts established, as well as advice and management in processes of implantation.
During these days, have carried out also seminars of geographic field, specifically centred in Mexico, Russia and China, driven by representatives of amec and by companies with interests in these markets. And it is that this meeting has headed to companies of the sectors of amec that have a project of international expansion and look for personalised advice.
The meeting of the external network of amec has taken place in the frame of the fair Hispack & Bta, that has celebrated in Barcelona of the 15 to 18 May and where amec has developed an intense international activity and innovative.