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  2. There are easy-to-business and difficult business   (15/01/2008)

This news article was originally written in Spanish. It has been automatically translated for your convenience. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace a human translator. The original article in Spanish can be viewed at Hay negocios fáciles y negocios difíciles

There are easy-to-business and difficult business

May 13, 2008

Ibon Linacisoro - Director
His father was a wealthy merchant and her broke of attention in their remote country of origin, a hard place that he had wrested from her mother when she was only a child of four years. Last year, mysteriously, on a business trip, the father disappeared in France and got finally dead after a long and agonizing process of search. She already has 22 years and a problem. His father, who gave his life to the work to fatten its coffers and respond to their particular Princess, had deposited before he died more than three billion dollars in a bank in your city. A money investment in Europe, but that she, Anna, 22 years old and an orphan, has the misfortune of not be able to recover without our help. And asks, probably a few "we take the profile," said in his e-mail, we give our account number to deposit the money, that only so it can be recovered and that, of course, we are left with a substantial percentage.

Such cases are becoming more frequent. A difficult, but sure business than fruitful. The business of the machine tool is a joke next to the complex world of the scam (sorry, Princess, by this thick floor). In fact, there is no more than make a machine and sell her, better if they are two or even three. But Anna and others like her have complicated, needed the goodwill of others and that is scarce in our times, more even than the naive. In the business of machine tools, on the other hand, it has no one to read this magazine and see where the shots go continue boldly on the easy path of trends which mark the way. And wait, there is always someone who needs a machine and calls us to buy, especially now that Germans and earthlings several of strange languages fill the portfolio of orders for manufacturers. Large machines are being imposed, as well as the multi-tasking. We are sure that we see it in the next biennial of the machine tool (Bilbao, March 3-8), where the applied manufacturers, those who read this magazine or surf, have learned that if we say that the trend is hereIt is that it is on here. This is a truth even greater that that of the history of our common known Anna, the girl who did not want to have an easy life doing machines and that it has launched the search for a number of account in Europe.

To us, in MetalUnivers-Interempresas, we love the absolute truths. Here are two: visits to in 2007 = 5.666.817. Page views = 38.247.160.

Anna, Princess, if we read, look to your benefactor in Interempresas. If you are looking for, we have.


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