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Entering a code that appears in the container of his products, the customer will be able to travel on-line until the farms that supply the milk to the company

Danone Recognises the work of his graziers with a pioneering initiative in Spain

David Muñoz20/02/2012

20 February 2012

“Of the fridge to the farm in a click”. Like this resume Danone his last and original initiative, that will allow to the consumers know the day in day out of the Spanish graziers that supply daily the milk to the centres of production of the company. This campaign freamers inside the called Plan Graziers Danone, presented in presses conference the past 16 February, in Madrid, by the president of Danone, Javier Oaks, the director of the area of Management of Milk, Antoni Bandrés, and the director of Communication and Institutional Relations, Álvaro Bordás.
Photo of family with the graziers that attended to the presses conference of Danone in Madrid.

Since in 1919, Isaac Carasso founded Danone like the first factory in the world of yoghourt industrial for consumption generalised, the company has characterised by his innovative character and for putting in the market healthy products. Like this it put it of self-evident Javier Oaks, president of Danone, the one who resumía the mission of the company in “contributing to the health of the people through a feeding and a healthy nutrition, adapted to the needs of the population and under the obsession to put in the market healthy products, nutritious, sabrosos and of very high quality”.

In the achievement of this aim is fundamental to have the best raw materials, that in the case of the yoghourt translates in his milk. In this sense, all the milk that employs Danone in his products is 100% national, exit of the more than 600 farms delivered by all the country that collaborate with the company.

All these exploitations graziers find near of the centres of production of Danone to guarantee “the freshness and the quality of our products”, added Javier Oaks, for the one who Spain offers today the best milk of his history because it is controlled by the same legislation that governs in the rest of the European Union, by the rigorous application of this and for being subjected to a strict control by part of the Administration.

According to data of the INE, in the last ten years have disappeared in Spain near of 40% of the livestocks (around 80.000), what added to the crisis that shakes at present to our country, does that the hygiene was the main demand of the professionals that attend this sector.

In this sense, Danone, to the one who joins him relations with some livestocks that go already by the third generation, wants to follow contributing stability and confidence to his providers, being “solidaria, understanding and near with the graziers”, indicated the president of Danone, for the one who these exploitations also contribute a fundamental social work, when contributing to the conservation of our rural surroundings and to the conservation of the employment in these zones.

Of left to right: the director of Communication and Institutional Relations of Danone, Álvaro Bordás; the president of Danone, Javier Oaks; and the director of the area of Management of Milk in Danone, Antoni Bandrés. 
All the milk that employs Danone in his products is 100% national, exit of the more than 600 farms that collaborate with the company
By all this, Danone has created a plan of improvement, called Plan Graziers Danone, that has four fundamental aims: recognise the figure and the work of the grazier, reflect the solidarity of the company with the profession, guarantee his fidelity and, finally, explain to the final consumer the importance that has the prime matter in the quality of the product finished.
Origin of the foods

Before arriving to the consumer, the alimentary products happen a process of manufacturing that includes the obtaining of the prime matter, his production and the distribution in the points of sale. According to a study realised by Danone, to 67% of the Spaniards would like him know the origin of the foods. In spite of this interest generalised, 64% affirms that it does not have of sufficient information on the prime matter of the products that buys. In fact, according to the same study, 69% of the Spaniards desconoce the phases by which happens a food elaborated and 40% believes wrongly that the milk of the yoghourts Danone proceeds of foreign countries.

Plan Graziers Danone

The explanation of this new Plan Graziers Danone, that contemplates an investment of 5 million euros, ran to charge of Antoni Bandrés, director of the area of Management of Milk, the one who marked the initiated of this project in April of 2011, developing along these months through different glimpsed, surveys and meetings of work with more than 600 graziers to extract the best ideas.

“The graziers form part of the heart of our business. Our relation bases in the hygiene, the transparency, the conjoint development and in the recognition to his work, as well as in establishing measures that ensure his economic stability and a competitive future”, affirmed Antoni Bandrés.

The Plan Graziers Danone sustenta therefore in four pillars: hygiene, transparency, development and recognition. To endow of greater hygiene to his graziers, Danone launches his new annual agreements (up to now were quarterly), announces the management of anticipos to the graziers when they are necessary and informs on the possibility to receive to general agreements with providers to reduce the costs of the exploitations graziers. All this added to the strategy that comes developing the company from does time to be the first in paying each month (before the day 8).

The Plan Graziers Danone sustenta in four pillars: hygiene, transparency, development and recognition.

In second term, in matter of transparency, the graziers that work with Danone know prior to the start of each quarter the price that go to earn by his milk. Besides, the company is transparent to the hour to share aims and results with the providers, as well as in the organisation of surveys and groups of work.

To attain a greater development of the graziers, from Danone bets , with his new Plan, by a complete advice and constant to improve in environingingmental quality and efficiency, contributing external technicians and plans individualizados. Besides, it supports to all these exploitations graziers by means of the financials of loans.

Finally, is the recognition of the work of the graziers, that Danone pretends that it was so much to internal level (with measures like the second edition of his prizes, different samples of fidelity…), as external, giving to know to the customer the importance of the origin of the milk in the quality of the final product.

With this initiative are the own graziers those that explain how obtains the cool milk and show his day in day out
The more than 600 farms that collaborate with Danone are near of the centres of production of the company.

Origin of the milk

To give to know the origin of the prime matter of his products, Danone sets up an innovative technological application in his page web. Entering a code that appears in the container, the consumer will be able to travel on-line until one of the farms and see how is the day in day out of the graziers. As it explained Javier Oaks, “with this want to give to know the origin of the milk, whose quality and freshness are fundamental for the manufacturing of a so basic product in our feeding like the yoghourt. Danone Elaborates his products with Spanish milk. Besides, with this want to recognise to our graziers, key figure in the process of manufacturing, that guarantee a milk of maximum quality and cool, since after being milked moves to one of the centres of near production”.

With this original initiative are the own graziers those that can explain his work and his day in day out to the consumer, desconocedor of the rural surroundings. “We want to show how they are our livestocks and how work to obtain a milk of quality. The majority of the people desconocen our work and never have been in a farm. Thus, for us it is an opportunity to give to know our work”, affirms Marisa Merino, that beside his husband Pedro Gala, and his children are at the top of the exploitation Gala Merino.

Ella, beside graziers of all the country, will explain in first person how elaborates the milk of the yoghourts that consume million Spaniards (2.800.000 yoghourts/day). His image, together with the one of other graziers, will be present in the containers of the yoghourts Danone and the consumers will be able to know his real histories through the television and the page web (

New container of the yoghourts Danone.
Milk of quality

In addition to the graziers and his families, behind the collected of the milk of the yoghourts Danone (that each day is of more than 1 million of litres), there is more than 5.000 professionals. They occupy of the assistance to the livestock, the management of the quality, his veterinary care, the transport of the milk or the repair of the machines that employ in the farms, amongst other.

Danone, world-wide reference in dairy products, waters bottled and in other destined to the childish and clinical feeding with more than 300 million consumers, has today witnesses in 120 countries. In Spain has plants of production in Madrid, Barcelona, Asturias, Valencia and Andalucia, that resupply daily to 80.000 trades and more than 12 million consumers.

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#1 - Maria
02/06/2012 20:55:55
Todos sabemos que esto es una estrategia mas de Danone. Sus ventas han descendido enormemente en los ultimos tiempos. Es una verguenza la situacion de tantos y tantos ganaderos que han tenido que abandonar su actividad porque los unicos que ganan son las multinacionales. Ahora maquillan a esta familia y nos ponen la foto de una vaca de campeonato. Basta ya de tomarnos por ignorantes. Bonita campaña publicitaria,mejor que suban el precio de la leche a los ganaderos, que no son tan guapos que los de esta publicidad.

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