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How to get a maximum life time in rubber chains (J'Track) and rubber pads

Maintenance of rubber chains

Drafting Interempresas21/06/2011
Although Global Track Warehouse (GTW) given all their attention to the design and manufacture of its rubber tracks (J'Track) and rubber pads. The company recommends a few basic steps to maximize your time of life.
1. Avoid the premature wear caused by environingingments of work like rocky terrains, gravel, demoliciones of concrete/cement, rests of metal, etc.
2. The more careful is the operator to use equipment with chains of rubber or rubber pads, better performance and less wear.
3 Avoid exposure to pollutants such as oil or salt. If the rubber Caterpillar rubber /almohadilla has been contaminated, it should be cleaned immediately.
4. Prior to installing a new rubber chain, the components of shooting must be verified. They may need to be replaced.
5 Should try to keep always clean shooting components to prevent damage that could cause foreign bodies or mud.
6 Minimize exposure to the Sun, this helps reduce the aging process. The normal working temperature range is from - 25 to + 55 ° C. If necessary, reduce the speed in extreme temperatures.
7 Controlling the tension of the rubber chain on a regular basis.
8. In order to minimize unnecessary wear of rubber/rubber pads and components of filming chains always:
  • Switch turns on both sides
  • Up and down slopes instead cross them
  • Avoid turning on its axis or laps
  • Lead with two rubber chains to the same level of surface
  • Avoid hitting curbs or walls with the side of their chains of rubber pads
9 Before buying a ramp for loading a machine or acquire rubber pads existing ramp chains, we must ensure that its design allows a minimum damage to the chains of rubber/rubber pads:
  • Comprubar than its width (if applicable) allows clip rubber pads. Eliminates damage to its ramp and rubber pads.
  • The spreaders are the precise distance to avoid that they pellizquen rubber/pads rubber chains
If you need advice or assistance with regard to the maintenance of their chains of rubber/rubber pads, contact a professional for GTW.



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