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This news article was originally written in Spanish. It has been automatically translated for your convenience. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace a human translator. The original article in Spanish can be viewed at Aliados perfectos para hacer frente al hielo y a la nieve
Compact solutions Bobcat for the work during the winter

Perfect allies to face up to the ice and to the snow

12 December 2011

Editorial Interempresas
Bobcat Offers a wide range of teams for the wintry work.

To improve the work in the snow, Bobcat also offers orugas of optional steel to place on the wheels in the carrier of wheels, as well as chains for the snow for the tyres.

The models of turbine quitanieves of Bobcat offer widths between 1.220 and 2.134 mm and are available in the actuality with different groups of hydraulic engine, what allows to the customer select an optimum combination between the turbine quitanieves and the hydraulic devices of the models of carrier. The turbines quitanieves have distances of maximum projection of between 7,6 and 13,7 metres and have tube of download and deflector giratorios to send the snow in the direction wished.

The leaf quitanieves of Bobcat, available in six widths between 1.219 and 2.438 mm, is designed to delete quickly quantities of small snow or moderated of pavimentos and ways of access for vehicles. A kit optional of lateral plate converts the models of 2.134 and 2.743 mm in shovels quitanieves of high productivity, ideals to use in parkings and other zones of big size.

The versatile leaf quitanieves in V of Bobcat, that is available in five different widths, can use in five configurations: like leaf in V, leaf in shape of shovel, straight leaf and leaf in angle of 30or to the left or of 30or to the right.

There is available spoons for the snow with widths of between 1.371 and 2.540 mm and capacities of between 0,36 and 1,53 m3. They have high bottoms that serve to push the snow and straight sides that serve to penetrate batteries of snow. The barredora orientable is an implement ideal to withdraw small snowfalls of 100 mm or less than depth of ways peatonales that provides fast access when withdrawing the snow in an alone past.

The range of carrier compact Bobcat provides solutions that allow lidiar with any type of wintry time.

The esparcidora of salt and hydraulic sand is ideal to work in areas delimited, such like parkings and zones peatonales, in which it can not use big machinery. East implement has a hopper of 250 litres of capacity. The hopper can use like spoon to allow that the esparcidora fill from a battery. A hydraulic engine controls the pattern of scattered, that oscillates between 5,6 and 8,7 metres depending of the discharge of the support.

The disk decapador of Bobcat, that is highly efficient giving off of the snow and the ice compacted, provides a respectful alternative with the environment to the use of chemical products or salt. The disk decapador deletes easily the mud, the snow, the ice and other materials compacted, leaving after his step a smooth surface to walk or drive.

The variety of implementos and combinations of bearers provides a very wide range of solutions for almost each application, including the withdrawal of ice and snow in urban and rural roads, pavimentos, parkings, supermarkets and other places out of the cities, ways of access for vehicles, parks, childish playgrounds, sportive fields and similar areas.

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