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The bet of the trades by the stock exchange of paper supposes a saving of equivalent CO2 to the annual broadcasts of heating and hot water of 46.000 homes

The stock exchanges of paper that use in Spain store 78.000 tonnes of CO2

Editorial Interempresas08/06/2012

8 June 2012

The 2.050 million stock exchanges of paper with roast and without roasts that they use to the year in Spain contribute to the fight against the climatic change storing 78.000 tonnes of CO2, as labolsadepapel, campaign that joins to manufacturers of paper and of stock exchanges of paper. The bet of the trades by the stock exchange of paper supposes like this 78.000 kilos of CO2 less in the atmosphere, an equivalent saving to the annual broadcasts of heating and hot water of 46.000 homes.

The trees absorb the CO2 of the atmosphere to feed and grow. In fact, the wooden fibre, the cellulose with which manufactures the paper, is a carbohydrate. And the trees that plant and cultivate in the plantations that use for the manufacture of stock exchanges of paper, when being species of fast growth like the pine and the eucalipto, are precisely because of this characteristic those that more CO2 absorb. The eucalipto, for example, fixed annually the double of carbon that the chestnut tree and five faster times that the encina.

Stock exchanges of paper.

These plantations for paper rejuvenate besides periodically with the talas of aprovechamiento and the consequent regeneration and replantación. And they are the young trees, those that are growing, those that more CO2 absorb. Recent studies show that once that the forestry reaches his maturity, leaves to fix carbon, by what these productive plantations are an environingingmental opportunity.

The wooden crops from which manufactures the paper are therefore big sumideros of CO2 that help to brake the climatic change. The carbon stored in the plantations remains in the products papeleros like the stock exchanges of paper. And with the recycling of the stock exchanges the term of storage goes lengthening one and again.

The contribution to the brake of the climatic change of the stock exchange of paper sees reinforced no only by the storage of CO2, but also because the production of stock exchanges of paper presents a negative footprint of carbon (according to study realised by IVL Swedish Environingingment Research Institute for Billerud AB).

35% of the total of the stock exchanges of the trade in Spain are already of paper. In the trades of clothes, textile and manufacturing, where are widely majority, 70% of the stock exchanges used are of paper. Also in the trades of feeding goes entering crecientemente and 7% of the stock exchanges for feeding are already of paper.

The stock exchange of paper contributes to the fight against the climatic change and is natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, by what has all the attributes to position like the most sustainable option to fulfil with the recommendations of the new Law of Waste and Floors Contaminated.



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