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The AEC has delivered his Medals of Honour of the Road

Esther Koplowitz, Medal of Gold of the Spanish Association of the Road

Editorial Interempresas07/06/2012

7 June 2012

More than 30 professionals and institutions of the road field received, on 6 June, the traditional award of the AEC, whose Medal of Gold has recaído this year in the employer Esther Koplowitz, “by his decided support to the roads at the head of FCC and by his work solidaria like president of the Foundation Esther Koplowitz”. The viceministro of Transports of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah To the-Mogbel, also was big protagonist when collecting personally the galardón to the International Merit.

Esther Koplowitz, main shareholder of FCC and president and founder of the Foundation that carries his name, has received the Medal of Gold of the Spanish Association of the Road (AEC), the highest galardón of this entity. Esther Koplowitz has accredited in numerous occasions a big sensitivity to the world of the roads, loaning a very special attention to the questions related with the protection of the natural heritage and the conservation of the environingingment.

The human and social side of the road infrastructures has been always substantial part of the management of Esther Koplowitz at the head of FCC, conscious that the roads are a key tool of progress, máxime in the current moments of big economic difficulties.

Delivery of the Medal of Gold to Esther Koplowitz of hands of Miguel Mª Muñoz, president of the AEC.

This convencimiento carried in his day to the Marchioness of House Peñalver to move these values to the most personal sphere and solidaria creating the Foundation Esther Koplowitz. Through this entity have attained pipe crowd of projects headed to the most disadvantaged.

Between his initiatives, stand out with own light the construction of two residences for greater people assisted and without resources; one in Collado-Villalba with almost 200 squares, and another in Barcelona with other so many. To this it is necessary to add the 70 squares of another residence in Valency devoted to people with psychic and physical disability.

On the other hand, have initiated the works of the that will be the greater centre of medical investigation of Spain, the Centre of Investigation Biomédica ‘Esther Koplowitz', that will be ascribed the Foundation Hospital Clínic of Barcelona.

More than a hundred of candidates

Beside Esther Koplowitz, other 30 people and institutions have been awarded with the Medal of Honour of the Road. With this act, the AEC pretends to surrender homage and offer a public recognition to those people and institutions whose path has been or is intimately related with the road infrastructures in his wider conception. People and institutions that work by some safer roads and of quality, from the bodies of hygiene of the State until other a lot of fields like the investigation, the teaching, the company, the administration and even the volunteering.

The awarded have been selected of go in more than a hundred of candidates proposed by diverse organisms linked to the road: public servicys with competition in road infrastructures and traffic (General Steering of Roads of the Ministry responsible for public works and of the distinct autonomous communities, provincial deputations, cabildos and consells insular; General Steering of Traffic, Servei Català of Trànsit, Steering of Traffic of the Basque Government…), universities, educational centres and of investigation, sectorial associations and private companies.

Medal to the International Merit

In the edition 2012 of the Medals of Honour of the AEC, the Medal to the International Merit has recaído in the viceministro of Transports of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah To the-Mogbel, in recognition to his remarkable efforts for improving the roads of his country, as well as by his defence of the road interests to scale world-wide in his quality of president of the International Federation of Roads (International Road Federation, IRF).

Engineer of career, To the-Mogbel began his professional path in 1978 in the then Ministry of Communications (current Ministry of Transports) of Saudi Arabia. In this period, and with the end to join the main cities of the territory, initiated the greater projects of construction of motorways of this country, as well as the works of circunvalación of the big urbes like Riyadh. To the-Mogbel was appointed then director of Projects of these programs.

At present, and from 1997, has the charge of viceministro of Transports of the Saudi country, being one of his main challenges the improvement of the hygiene vial in the network of his competition. In this sense, is member of the Supreme Committee attendant of the hygiene in roads of the region of Riyadh, and has harvested important successes in the reduction of the accidentalidad in his country in the last years.

Besides, is President of the International Federation of Roads, of which the AEC is Spanish member. As such, works in the international field for consensuar tending actions to improve the road infrastructures and the hygiene vial all over the world.

Viceministro Of Transports of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah To the-Mogbel, awarded with the Medal to the International Merit of the AEC.
Forty-six years rewarding the road effort

From the birth of the Medals of Honour of the Road does already 46 years, the Spanish Association of the Road (AEC) has very present that is the hand of the man the one who makes possible the same existence of these works of engineering, from his conception until his put in service and his back management and exploitation.

Promote the stable progress of the road means, therefore, support of clear form to the people that work in her and by her, and put in value his effort denodado and his tesón. Of this evidence were cream these award in 1966, a distinction whose pretence is to award a public recognition to all the men and women that, on foot of work or from his dispatches and offices, struggle each day by some safe roads and of quality.

And, beside the people, the organisms and institutions that work with the convicción that the roads are part of our life and that, thus, is indispensable to promote the way of road transport.

All they have done his the legend impresa in the back of the Medals: “Better roads for a better world”. And, thanks to them, this legend turns into an indisputable sentence in the technical planes and scientist, but also in the social and economic.

The Medal of Silver, a very special distinction

The Medal of Silver of the AEC is a galardón that did not award from 1995 and that recovers in this edition to recognise the work of institutions and organisations of importance in the social field, economic, comunicacional and even politician of our country.

In this context, has conceded the Medal of Silver to the magazine Roads, in commemoration of the 60º anniversary of his birth (1951-2011). Edited by the AEC, Roads is today day one of the technical publications more prestigious of those that edit in the scientific field of the national road sector and international.

Along six decades of existence, the wall of 100.000 pages published of the magazine have been reliable witness of the become of the road infrastructures. Also they have been the reflection of the political and economic situation of the country, that in each moment has gone determining the management of the roads, awarding them elder or lower leadership.

Sixty years are, definitely, a long path for a magazine. A path that has been plagada of successes, but also of difficulties. Of all this no only has known to go out indemne, but reinforced. In the actuality, Roads is more alive that never, full of projects and of new ideas to turn into the publishing point of reference of all the road sector.

With these award, the AEC surrenders homage and offers a public recognition to those people and institutions whose path has been or is intimately related with the road infrastructures
Presidential table of the AEC.

Quotations Honoríficas

The Medals with Quotation Honorífica award every year to those professionals that have known to show no only his technical capacity but besides his enthusiasm by the very done work, and that in the exert of his work have collaborated or supported to the Spanish Association of the Road in his fight for improving the road infrastructures. This year, of the 31 Medals conceded, 12 have awarded with this Quotation Honorífica:

- Francis Borgia Carabante Muntada, viceconsejero of Transports and Infrastructures of the Community of Madrid.

- Andrés Coast Hernández., director of Technology of Asphalts and Constructions Elsan.

- Ángel Couso Gago, director of the Division Spain of Telvent Transport.

- Agustín Hernández Fernández of Rojas, adviser of Environingingment, Territory and Infrastructures of the Xunta de Galicia.

- Carlos Ortiz Quintana. President of Probisa Technology and Construction, S.L.

- Ignacio García-Arango Cienfuegos-Jovellanos, engineer boss of the Demarcation of Roads of the State in Asturias (Ministry responsible for public works).

- Mercedes Gómez Álvarez, engineer boss of Technology of Roads of the Ministry responsible for public works.

- Manuel of Oña Esteban, exdirector technician attach and boss of Area of Infrastructures of Ferrovial Agromán. Jubilado.

- Manuel Hammered Cortés (to posthumous title), partner of honour of the Spanish Association of the Road. Treasurer of this entity between 1989 and 1993.

- Sunday Quesada Martos, engineer of the Demarcation of Roads of the State in Oriental Andalucia (Ministry responsible for public works).

- Julio Senator Gómez-Odériz, director of Institutional Relations of FCC Construction.

Besides, inside the previously quoted category, concedes a Medal with Quotation Honorífica to Institutions Penitenciarias, for facilitating the obtaining of the permission to drive Class B to the prisoners that do not possess it and that present difficulties to achieve it. For this, Institutions Penitenciarias has coordinated to national level the theoretical and practical learning, the obtaining of the necessary didactic material, the management with the distinct Provincial Leaderships of Traffic, and all the precise so that these courses develop in the centres penitenciarios of all the national territory.

The 17 Medals of remaining Honour have awarded to members of the Grouping of Traffic of the Civil Guard, agents of local and autonomic police, a member of Red Cross, and diverse engineers, technicians and operarios of roads of all the national territory.

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