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With Rendomatic, Zoller promises an increase of until of 20% the productivity

Adjust, measure and reduce with a same device

Editorial Interempresas20/02/2012

20 February 2012

The mechanised complete with husillos multiple in a machine only is possible if the surroundings allows it. Therefore, concentricidad, precision to the measure, balanced, as well as a fast process of tie up thermal sensors of tools are nowadays essential requirements of a machine of contraction. By such reason, numerous companies trust the only machine combined of adjust, measurement and contraction Redomatic of Zoller. The Redomatic offers the ideal conditions to tie up tools of easy way, fast and with a precision of ±10 micras.

The reduction and contraction of tools is still a discipline that requires technical knowledge and maximum precision. If besides the adjust, the measurement and the reduction combine in a same device, working with margins of tolerance of ±0,01 millimetres, this results only in his species. These facts are certainly of big importance for the companies that mechanise with husillos multiple, especially because in this sector nominal lengths, a minimum dispersion and a maximum precision are of absolute priority. With the device of adjust, measurement and reduction Redomatic, this is possible, between other things, thanks to the system of tope longitudinal automatic of big precision with control CNC Asza in the axis Z, in few seconds and with a time of brief cooling. Like this the tools are adjusted to the nominal dimensions by means of the linear and rotatory axles.

It requires maximum precision

Thanks to the intelligent processes and automated, can also tie up with the maximum precision tools of all type with the method of adjust patented. The reduced application of power protects the tool holders and shortens the times of cooling and of cycle. That is to say, before heating the baboon attached, Redomatic checks in question of second if this corresponds with the at present adjusted power of the coil. In this way it avoids that the tool holders of contraction heat unnecessarily, since this carries to reduce his useful life and even to his destruction. Thanks to a powerful coil of induction of 13 kVA can prescindirse of the disks of tope. So much the diameter of contact like the field of induction adjust automatically to the current seat of the tool.


Automatic monitoring

Permanent control of the parameters of reduction; in combination with the technology of processing of images Pilot 3.0 of Zoller, with Redomatic is possible also the automatic contraction with maximum precision, the control of the useful length or an automatic control of the point zero. An automatic monitoring avoids errors and possible damages in the inner diameter of the tool holders, and with this a possible fracture of tools in the machine. The monitoring of Zoller includes also the tube of transfer of liquid refrigerante in the interior of the portaherramienta.

Likewise, a system of control of the contraction and a husillo of high precision procure a significant increase of the productivity. Merced The adjust, the measurement and the reduction with Redomatic, the company Zoller promises an increase of the productivity of 20%. An important participation in this has it the system of control of reduction SLS and the husillo of high precision Ace. The system of control of reduction SLS graphic sample and visualmente to the operator the at present necessary accessories, the operative steps and the current situation. With the husillo Ace can change by means of a casquillo of balls in so only 10 seconds and absolutely without game, portaadaptadores for cones pronounced, cones of vástago hollow, Attract and Kennametal, accionando by strength the seats of tool and, therefore, attaching them in shape perfectly repetible.

Facts confirmed in proofs

Periodically, companies of renown convince of the efficiency and the precision of the Redomatic of Zoller. They attend to the factory of Pleidelsheim (Germany) with numerous tools to test in situ the device of adjust, measurement and reduction of Zoller. They fulfil all the requirements, observing the own guidelines of the company, extremely demanding. More still: in essays of long length reduced in an alone day more than 50 tools, without problems and of way absolutely safe. Therefore, the device of adjust, measurement and reduction Redomatic is the system decentralised of inspection and adjust of ideal tools, that includes the technician of contraction. Which are the indispensable conditions to attain a precision of 0,01 millimetres and that profitability and hygiene of process achieves with the Redomatic? The answers to this provides them Zoller: the interested are invited to test the veracity of this in his own tool holders of contraction and tools.

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