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Kiekens DM4000

Captador Of dust: with stock exchanges filtrantes

Picture of Captador Of dust
The captadores DM4000 with filters type stock exchange and automatic system of cleaning of filter result especially effective for the leak of greasy particles or very fine. Given the space between stock exchanges, the cleaning is more effective and makes possible a greater load of filter.

Like this, wooden shaving, mineral dust, fibres or granalla for arenado, do not suppose any problem for the team.

The loaded air of particles accesses to the interior through the entrance of air of the DM4000 of 280x200 mm. The relatively heavy particles are immediately separate and collected in the tank. The rest of particles finer are retained and filtered by the stock exchanges and fall during the process of cleaning of filter in the tank. The capacity of the tank in the DM4000 is of 55 litres. The tank can be instrumented with a support with the purpose to be able to use plastic bags to extract and transport easily particles that can be harmful for the health. The air filtered and clean flows through the pores of the filter to the camera of clean air. This air will be, in principle, given back to the environingingment of the area of work, existing also the possibility to drive the air to other zones. For a perfect operation of the system, the filter is cleaned by a system of mechanical shake regularly. The manufacture and assembling is conceived of modular form, like this then , the entrance of air, the door of inspection, the habitáculo for the fan and the tank can be mounted between himself as diverse configurations, depending on the needs of each installation.