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Union for mussel

Ibon Linacisoro, Director10/08/2007
The Union makes the force. Medicine, research and nature through the sea, have come together to achieve a milestone: the mussels will be the source of the bioadhesivo of the future in medicine, according to a group of researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute, which is produced synthetically the substance secreted by glands of the mussels. The mussels produced the perfect adhesive, which are fixed with force even to as smooth as glass surfaces. Also in a moist environment, where other adhesives fail, the secretion of the mussel resists with reliability. Therefore it is ideal for medical applications, such as the healing of wounds and broken bones.

The field of medicine starts to come already remarkable importance for the plastics industry. The manufacturers of injectors who want to survive using its technology already engaged their eyes to this sector, in the same way as producers of technical materials, already showing many applications for this sector. That is why we are interested in the news of the Mussel, and much, because as well paste mussels that could be useful in the Union to hybrid pieces, say for example, plástico-metal, but why not, humana-plástico meat and even human meat-human flesh, which may also be considered a hybrid Union in according to which cases.

The mussels are true masters of the fixation. Stick with

force extraordinary not only iron, wood and stone, but also to moons of glass, painted surfaces or layers of Teflon. Brute force, nor the wind, the waves or climatology dissolve this Union. They are like a couple in days gone by. These marine lamelibranquios shellfish have long been in the water, but it is now when they are coming to Earth light as authentic benefactors for the human being, for the human person, as it is now.

To join plastics you are used many Wiles and since then the multi-component injection has resulted in a piece with two parts very United, almost as if he had mediated mollusk. Do people, humans, increasingly want more stuff, now that the bike, mobile phone, mp3 and the domestic mod have to go with our personality, Union techniques are becoming very important. The greats of the plastics already have years testing unions with metals, but implementation of Union is unknown by Mussel.

Come the day when medicine, packaging, automotive and electronic articles, the most demanding sectors for plastics and in which many focus their efforts, they shall accord to the mussel so far despised merit. Mussel all you paste, binds to the sector, une plastics, do not let what a sea mollusk has joined, what separates a human from Earth.

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