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MCarraro, S.L. - Deburrers (defrazers)

Kennametal TEM P350

Deburring machines: method of thermal energy

Picture of Deburring machines
The P350 machine is a solution to eliminate all internal and external burrs in one operation simultaneously.

The P350 is designed to fit medium and large production volumes, as well as to manage different pieces of work whose chips are difficult to remove.

The P350 is available in two sizes of camera with 3.5 MN. clamping force It offers a long service life and consistent quality of the pieces, even in three-shift operation operational environments.

Features and benefits:-machine with resistant structure: ensures the highest levels of stability in every phase of the production process.

-Indexing with five closing table: loading and unloading operations are simplified and a high-volume production, it is possible since the closure dishes to accommodate the workpiece.

-Hydraulically secured closing plates: the deburring Chamber is sealed tightly, eliminating any doubt of pollution and ensuring the safety of production.

-Measurement of gases using cylinder: this feature provides a very accurate measurement of the amount of gas required, reaching a level of consistent quality.

-Cabinet with integrated noise suppression: closet prevents the penetration of emission of noise in the production environment and ensures the safety of the machine operator.

-Programmable logic controller (PLC for its acronym in English) easy to use and expandable: the software can accommodate easily to customer-specific parameters.

-With integrated seals cleaner sounding station: this feature prevents damage to parts and machine due to interference, extending the lifespan of the closure seal.

-Supervisor of mixing pad: provides a quick and easy inspection mixing block prior to installation on the machine.