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Geka Gamma Traction 100

Line for processing angle sections: with a carriage feeding system

Foto de Line for processing angle sections
Gamma Traction 100 is the line by Geka Automation for processing angle sections with a carriage feeding system. This version is designed to satisfy the needs of punching, marking and cutting medium and small sized angle sections.

The traction system with a feeder carriage with pinch, combined with the two punching units and with a servo-controlled gauge for each wing, offers a new solution that reduces the size of the machine and allows you to achieve maximum precision.

Its pneumatic impact marker provides a greater versatility, as various types of letters, characters and designs can be marked.

Another novelty is the assembly of punches and dies on fixtures, adjustable outside the machine, allowing you to replace the tools quickly and easily.

The control is a fast, precise and user friendly unit by means of B&R state of the art devices.

The following available options will allow you to increase the versatility and productivity of the Gamma Traction 100 Line: automatic loader, automatic unloading system, twin punching unit, marking, Line Pro software.