Industrias Cárnicas Los Norteños, S.A. (grupo norteños) - Veal

Chuletas: of Galician beef

Picture of Chuletas
The chuleta is a piece of butchers formed by the dorsal vertebrae of the corresponding cotillas and the muscular part of the lomo, pertinent of Galician beef.

Microbiological criteria:

Headcount of mesophilous aerobic colonies: Máx: 1×106ufc/g Enterobacteriaceas: Máx: 1×102 ufc/g

And. coli: Máx: 1×10 ufc/g

Salmonella: Absence/25 g

St. aureus: Máx: 1×102 ufc/g


- In refrigeration: Tª £ 7 °C

- In freezing: Tª £ -18 °C.


- Container: in trays of poliexpán and/or in apt plastic stock exchanges for alimentary use.

- Packaging: boxes of apt cardboard for alimentary use.

Preferential consumption:

- Refrigerated:10 days

- Refrigerated to the empty: 30 days

- Frozen products: 18 months.

Population target: retail Trade, wholesale trade and hospitality industry.