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Ariston Thermo España, S.L.U. - Gas boilers

Ariston Genus Premium Evo

Wall-mounted condensing boilers: recover heat from condensation of the water vapour contained in the combustion gases

Picture of Wall-mounted condensing boilers
The Genus Premium Evo wall boiler Ariston range. Thanks to the technology of condensation, recovered heat from condensation of the water vapour contained in the combustion gases, generates higher calorific value that saves energy and obtain thermal performance superior to conventional boilers.

Genus Premium Evo offers even greater thanks to the innovative technology which allows you to regulate on the basis of the external and internal temperature variations, achieving energy savings of up to 35% compared to a conventional boiler.

Available in the heating and sanitary hot water with 3 outputs: 24-30-35 kW (sealed camera).

Ratio of modulating condensing wall-mounted boiler: 1:10, modulating pump continuous:-modulation: 1:10. The power is regulated according to the actual needs of heat for greater energy savings.

-Acoustic comfort guaranteed by one smaller number of cycles on/off boiler and new muffler.

-Greater comfort thanks to the temperature stability and high modulation range.

-Modulating pump continuous: optimizes the performance of the boiler and gas consumption.

-Function comfort: obtaining immediate water hot.

-Auto function: solution for intelligent heating.

-Exchanger primary insulated stainless steel.

-Solar predisposition and management multizone.

-Increased sanitary heat exchanger.

-Presetting for integration into a system via the communication bus bridgenet.