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Smooth Endive: they sell different varieties

Picture of Smooth Endive
Biannual plant stem almost zero, seated on a tap root, which come from the leaves of elongated shape, with wide and meaty nerve and limbo divided with roughly toothed edges. In the second year develops a highly branched stem which emits chapter of blue flowers. There are two botanical varieties, differentiated by the shape of its leaves: the variety crispa leaves with very divided limbo and very jagged edges. And the variety latifolia, with less toothed and broad, wavy leaves.

Varieties of Endive: Allure: variety of plant with erect, dark green and suitable colour for 4th range. Recommended for transplant in the second half of September to the first week of October.

Quartan: plant variety suitable for autumn-winter positions. Very voluminous plant with good tolerance to heading and tip burn.

Gigance: plant variety suitable for winter positions. Plants with large volume for winter collections. High rate of white and semi-erect porte.