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Lettuce iceberg: they sell different varieties

Picture of Lettuce iceberg
Annual plant of pivoting root system. The stem has a disc in its first phase, from which depart leaves forming a rosette that after acogolla with more or less density to then open and make way for a cylindrical and branched stem which ends in floral clusters. The leaves can be more or less rounded, elongated, with serrated edges, or even curly, green or green light, with or without edges, or even bright red anthocyanin. The petiole is meaty and crunchy, totally covered by the blade.

Varieties of lettuce: the most variety planted is Iceberg whose main features are very tight bud. Leaves have a slightly irregular surface, marking longitudinal nerves, strongly serrated edge and crisp flesh. They usually show the well-defined pella in the center of the plant.

Gobi: medium provided vegetation, green lettuce. Buds of good size and well formed. Especially for cultivation of summer. Tolerant to premature heading and to tip burn.

Denver: variety of lettuce of the type salinas for cultivation of spring and summer, with 16 races of bremia resistance.

Patagonia: iceberg lettuce type salinas but darker than a standard salt. Plant of very high strength and good training of head, which is rounded and offers good protection of the pella. Resistant to bremia variety.

Pikua: tolerant to heading, tip burn and acartuchado. Excellent training of heads. Freshness and stamina in field. Plant resistant to bremia 26 strains. Suitable for spring sowings.

Saula: good conservation in the field. Tolerant to heading and tip burn. Intense green colour with high temperature. Type "Salinas". For summer and resistant to bremia sowings.

Tile: good tolerance to the ribbed. Very good basal close. Consistency and high performance. Good quality for planting of autumn, resistant to bremia.

Acula: volume, formation and resistance. Very good color. Good conservation in the field. Ideal for sowing of winter and bremia resistance.

Alpine: iceberg lettuce from dark with good protection of the bud, vigorous and uniform, with a high rate of collection, sizes large, good base and round heads. Suitable for processing. For collections of winter and early spring.

Mist: high force, rustic, very tolerant to bolting and rise to the surface very slow. For summer and autumn Collections.

Campionas: type Salinas Iceberg lettuce. Medium-high force. More protected than RZ fortunes head. Medium-high force. Good basal formation. Recommended for Spring collections.

Iceland: very vigorous variety, dark iceberg lettuce. Very uniform variety with a high percentage of collection, good base and slightly flattened round heads. Suitable for processing. For pickups of the onset of winter and spring in areas cold and possible collection in mild winters.

Ribenas: Lettuce iceberg type Salinas variety with very good behavior to tip burn and good resistance to bolting. Round-headed slightly flattened with a very good base and high percentage of collection. Vigorous and rise to slow flower variety. Suitable for processing.

Vigorous Zoliva:variedad of large caliber, good training and attractive bright color. Very uniform and stable against adverse conditions. For autumn-winter crop. Mildew-resistant and insensitive to Big Vein.

Makan:variedad vigorous large bore, good training and good color. Very uniform and stable against adverse conditions.