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Courgettes: rich in minerals

Picture of Courgettes
Brothers Rooms and children has of an own production of 9 million kilos of citrus fruit (orange and clementinas) distributed in around 1.300 cultured hectares. Besides it distributes courgettes to the main markets.

The Cucurbita pepo is a plant herbácea annual of the family of the cucurbitáceas oriunda of the America, whose fruit employs like food. In the actuality is also cultivated at length in all Europe like pumpkins of summer, whose fruit consume immature.

It is a plant rastrera that it can arrive to the 10 m of length, of tallos acanalados and of rough appearance and sarmentoso leaves pubescentes, lobuladas and acorazonadas. The big yellow flowers are unisexuales; the masculine have the stamens soldered in shape of pillar and in both sexes the chalice is joined to the corolla.

The fruit are oblongos and vary a lot in size, depending on the variety. The shell is smooth and hard and also varies in colour. The varieties that seed in May or June are of leather verdi-white whereas the seeded in March are of dark leather.

As all the cucurbitáceas, Cucurbita pepo hibrida with ease with other affine species; that is one of the causes of the frequent confusion between the same, of which some (like Cucurbita maxima and Cucurbita moschata) cultivate also by his fruit. They exist crowd of varieties of different colours and sizes; the biggest arrive to weigh between 18 to 36 kg.

Cucurbita pepo, with a high content of water (93%), is rich in minerals, especially potassium, vitamin C and -caroteno.