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Agrícola Navarro de Haro, S.L. - Cauliflower

Agrícola Navarra de Haro

Cauliflowers: they sell different varieties

Picture of Cauliflowers
Very similar plant broccoli, more rounded and erect leaves. The main stem emits fewer lateral stems. The most important difference is that in this case, the head is white, more compact and only forms in the main stem.

Arizona F1: precocious variety (70-80 days from transplant). Good effect with very white and well coated pellets plant. Ideal for pickups of October with June sowings. In the Mediterranean coast admits July with pick-ups of October-November sowings.

Notice F1: variety of early cycle (90-100 days) most widely recognized by combining its plasticity of use with great quality.

Pellets with an excellent coating of sheets, white colour, dense and very homogeneous. Supports high densities.

Meridien F1: vigorous variety, cycle medium (110-120 days), with dark foliage, with very well coated, white pellets and a great compactness.

The pella, once mature has a slow evolution in the field, allowing a high utilization. Much appreciated for the fresh market and industry.