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Vega Cañada, S.A. - Contact data

Ubicación y datos de contacto
Vega Cañada, S.A.
Autovía del Mediterráneo - Salida 456
04130 El Alquián (Almería) Spain

How to get there

☎:  +34‑‑902501095   +34‑‑950800100  
🖷:  +34‑‑902501096

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Vega Cañada, S.A.

Vegacanada, company that is part of the Agroponiente group, was created in 2001 as a big gamble for the cultivation of tomatoes of the highest quality in the fertile plain of Almeria and with an eye on the area of the Campo de Níjar. Talk about quality, in this and any other business field, is easy; the difficult thing is to translate it into reality, which is what makes Vegacanada every day. In red and tasty realities.
Vegacanada first offices were located in El Alquian, though coinciding with the start of the 2003-2004 campaign, the company launched its new facilities, which are still sheltering today to the company, in the Mediterranean motorway, exit number 456.
Vegacanada began his work with the purpose of selling different types of fruits and vegetables, such as melon or watermelon, but especially the tomato, with two main objectives: on the one hand, that Spanish and European consumers could know and appreciate its products quality and flavor of the area and, on the other, that farmers will find a way to obtain the greatest benefits for your products, at the height of the own quality.
In this way, Vegacanada has become a reference point for the agricultural marketing in Almeria, whose share capital is formed by the contribution of all actors involved in the production and marketing.