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Hortoflor Dos, S.C.L. - Contact data

Ubicación y datos de contacto
Hortoflor Dos, S.C.L.
Estr. Logroño-Vigo (120), s/n
32450 A Barca Barbantes, Cenlle (Ourense) Spain

How to get there

☎:  +34‑‑988280402  
🖷:  +34‑‑988280399
Production, sale and marketing of cut flowers

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Hortoflor Dos, S.C.L.

Hortoflor 2 is a Galician cooperative society that has more than twenty years of operation dedicated to the production and marketing of horticultural products and cut flowers from farms of its partners. Its headquarters and operations centre is located in the ships located in station Barbantes, municipality of Cenlle place; It also enabled two collection points of merchandise for the areas furthest away from Verín and Belgian partners.

Agricultural holdings of the partners who are integrated in Hortoflor 2 smallholders where agriculture was only reaching levels of consumption with practically zero profitability, are located in zones, as almost all Galicia, predominantly traditional ways of working the land and a poor marketing without any guidance to the market. Trying to save this problem in 1984 a group of 27 farmers founded that society with the aim of increasing their farm income, bringing their productions until obtaining a volume of sufficient goods that would make viable marketing. There are currently more than 200 cooperative Hortoflor 2 members, which must be added each around 100 collaborators which are mainly engaged in growing Jewish and other vegetables in summer, with a minimal investment, thus creating an activity that complements the family income.

Today culture surfaces reach the province of Ourense and less part of Pontevedra and Lugo, with producer partners in the neighbouring country; Portugal. The average area of crop by partner is about 3,000 square meters of which much corresponds to culture protected under plastic.