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Coprohníjar, S.C.A. - Contact data

Ubicación y datos de contacto
Coprohníjar, S.C.A.
Antonio Castillo Garcia 1
04117 San Isidro-Níjar (Almería) Spain

How to get there

☎:  +34‑‑950366015  
🖷:  +34‑‑950366089

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Coprohníjar, S.C.A.

Coprohnijar It constitutes in 1986 and it begins his activities in 1987. The cooperative began his career with 50 partners and commercialised 3.000 Tm of fruit and vegetables in a ship of 1.500 m2.

Since the evolution has been constant, increasing year after year in number of producing partners and in volume of product commercialised, as well as in installations.

In the actuality have more than 200 producers associated that cultivate some 400 hectares. And some installations that surpass the 22.000 m2 with the most advanced technology of avant-garde that does them be present in all the European markets, so much inside as out of the community, as well as in U.S. and Canada.