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Agrícola Navarro de Haro, S.L. - Contact data

Ubicación y datos de contacto
Agrícola Navarro de Haro, S.L.
Ctra. Palomares a Cueva de Almanzora, km 2
04617 Palomares (Almería) Spain
☎:  +34‑‑950618096  
🖷:  +34‑‑950467392
Marketing of fruit and vegetables production

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Agrícola Navarro de Haro, S.L.

Founded in 1998, Agricola Navarro de Haro S.L. is currently an established company as a national reference in the sector of production and marketing to the wholesale of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

All its products are 100% natural and of the highest quality, complying with the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental standards.

Parts of fruit and vegetables are a symbol of freshness and high quality, ensuring the optimal state of them, in the delivery made to all its customers.

A group of professionals compose the template of Agricola Navarro de Haro S.L. with extensive knowledge in food, who care to detail each production process that takes place in the heart of the company.

In addition, the company has the best technical resources, investing in new technologies, to maximize the quality of product and be able to offer the customer the best prices in the market.