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Picture of bate su récord mensual de visitas y páginas vistas bate su récord mensual de visitas y páginas vistas

Según los datos de audiencia publicados por la Oficina de Justificación de la Difusión (OJD Interactiva), el portal, la plataforma informativa industrial de habla hispana líder en el mundo, batió el pasado mes de noviembre su récord absoluto mensual de visitas y páginas vistas.

The CSIC is the 9º institution of the world in scientific production, according to the ‘ranking' of 2012 of Scimago

The Upper Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC) is the 9º institution of the world in scientific production, as it reveals the ranking of the group Scimago published recently. The work SIR World Report 2012: Global Ranking includes the analysis of the centres of investigation of all the world between 2006 and 2010 that have published, at least, 100 scientific documents during the year 2010 in the database Scopus. In the report appear 3...

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I change wage by happiness

64% of the Spaniards would sacrifice part of the wage for being happier in the work. It is one of the conclusions of a recent study that says also that almost 78% of the workers is happy with his employment and that 96% of the employees think that if they were happier in his work would surrender more. The first is the first and from here move to the authors of the study our congratulations by the effort that has had to suppose find to sufficient employed as to realise the study...

How it will be 2013

Walk the employers in these days doing budgets. Debating us, as always, between the pessimism of the intelligence and the optimism of the will. And I save for the few privileged for those who the Spanish market already is irrelevant, for the other is crucial to foresee how will comport the Spanish economy in the next year because of this will depend in good measure the evolution of our income...

Exceptional increase of the number of visitors and of pages seen of the portal in October, according to data of OJD

The Office of Justification of the Diffusion (Or.J.D.) It finishes to publish the data of audience the web pages auditsed by said office, corresponding to the past month of October. It stands out especially the extraordinary increase obtained by the portal, with an increase of 34,9% of visitors, that brush the 600.000, in regard to the same month of the previous year. Of the total of visitors, almost the half (282.661) proceed of out of Spain...

The generation of the dreams broken

In Japan, in the decade of the eighty, the goods real estate supposed 20% of the world-wide wealth, five times more than the sum of all the equivalent of United States. It says that the value of the fields of golf Japanese bent the value of capitalisation of the Australian stock exchange. Also the price of the actions reached limits inimaginables. Between 1984 and 1989 the index Nikkei happened of the 11.500 to the 39...

And if the future is in alemanizarnos?

Goes finishing the year and like consequence of this goes approaching the fateful date in which we have to fill the leaf of the good purposes for 2013. Of course, we will leave to eat food little adapted for our health, will go to the gymnasium with more frequency, will restart the relations of abandoned friendship and, especially, will face the entrance in January with many win that it arrive December to be able to go back to eat polvorones, prawns and turrón. Like this we are...
Picture of Meeting of SMEs of Latin America and the North of Africa of Afe

Meeting of SMEs of Latin America and the North of Africa of Afe

The Meeting of SMEs of Latin America and the North of Africa of AFE, inaugurated the past 22 October home of America Madrid, gathered to mandators, employers and experts in external trade, and small and medium enterprise of both regions to debate on the SMEs like axis of economic development venue, innovation, productivity and business cooperation. AFE And APFC assisted to the jormada.