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The Day of Foundation Itene put of relief the increasing importance of the industry of IV and V Range

The growth of the sector of ready dishes goes through to take advantage of the niches of market, emphasize the quality and increase the variety

Editorial Interempresas16/03/2012

16 March 2012

Foundation Itene celebrated the past 13 March a day devoted to ‘Container and Logistical of Ready Dishes' that had the participation of known experts. More than 60 professionals of companies agroalimentarias, distribution and Horeca of first level assisted to a day that presented a hopeful panorama for the sector analysed.
The importance of the sector of V Range remained of self-evident in the data that contributed Federico Morais, of the Federation of Industries Agroalimentarias and Drunk (FIAB), for the one who in Spain there are demographic factors like the aging of the population (27% of the consumption corresponds to greater), the increase of residents of other countries (8 million emigrants) or the proliferation of homes with an alone member (4.4 millions) that define a tendency of increase in the consumption of ready dishes.

Existed unanimity in augurar for this segment of the alimentary industry an excellent future so much for the domestic market as for the channel horeca. Jesús Urtasun, of Abelló Linde, aimed like tendencies of increase of the demand the functional foods; foods for allergic, ecological products or ethnic gastronomy.


New niches of market

Another tendency is the apparition of companies very focalizadas to a determinate niche of market, as they can be the supplies for big collectivities (army, hospitals, schools, centres of received, etc.) or more oriented to the health, like the diet to domicile.

With regard to the channel Horeca emphasized advantages like the greater control on the supplies, the reduction and even disappearance of procedures that do not contribute value –washed, troceado, …- or elimination of waste.

Aurelio of Pino, of the Association of Chains of Supermarkets (ACES) stood out the high levels of growth of V Range in volume, although more moderated in value; more variety of foods and, like remarkable appearance, an optimum association with healthy nutritional values and gastronomic.

The industry of V Range puts increasingly emphasis in giving off of the archetype of little healthy and scarce quality, standing out the strict conditions of hygiene and cleaning in the manipulation of the foods and the manufacturing with the most advanced technicians, in addition to ensuring some levels of quality homogéneos.

New technologies of processed and packaging

Pere Castells, of Foundation Alicia, centred his exhibition in the technicians more vanguardistas of processing of the foods, like cocción to temperatures controlled and his combination with methods of packaging (high pressesures, empty, etc.) and results organolépticos and microbial. The assessment no only takes into account the technical and nutritional appearances, but also the result organoléptico and the appearance of the once processed food.

Antonio Martínez, of the IATA, focused his intervention in the newest technicians of conservation of the foods. Between the emergent processes stood out irradiciones, radiations, power pressesed, high pressesure, ohmic warming or cocción to the empty.

By his part, the technician of Itene Consuelo Fernández centred his intervention in the different technologies of packaging and his interaction with the processes of conservation of the foods. Also they tackled basic questions of logistics, like the interactions between foods in the storage or the maintenance of the chain of cold.

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