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The European Parliament supports the request of AVA-Asaja to improve the control of plagues and the use of phytosanitary ware


11 May 2012

The claims posed the past 8 May in Brussels in front of the Committee of Requests of the European Parliament (PE) by the president of the Valencian Association of Agriculturalists (AVA-Asaja), Cristóbal Aguado, obtained an unanimous and solid backrest of the europarlamentarios that took part in the session, which opens an important and hopeful road to resolve the grave relative problems to the restrictions in the use of phytosanitary ware products and to the control of plagues formulated by this agricultural organisation. It is more, the own president of the Committee of Requests of the PE, Erminia Mazzoni, announced, after listening the appearance of Cristóbal Aguado and the back intervention of the euro-deputies, that the parliamentary instance that chairs goes to send a writing to the commissioners of Agriculture, Environingingment and Trade of the European Commission conminándoles to take letters in the exposed subjects by AVA-Asaja and to arbitrate suitable solutions for all they.

The president of AVA-Asaja declared after his comparencia that “are very satisfied by the so favourable answer that have obtained by part of all the europarlamentarios, since all they, so much popular like socialists, have supported of clear form and rotunda ours proposals in subjects so sensitive for the Valencian agriculture like the control in border of the pertinent plagues of third countries and the employment of phytosanitary ware products. No only they have recognised that the problems that have posed are not resolved, but they go to give the necessary steps in front of the managers of the Executive comunitario so that they solve them”. The whole of the euro-deputies that took part –so much the popular, Esther Herranz, Carlos Iturgáiz and the German Peter Jarh, like the Valencian socialist Vicent Garcés–, backed the terms of the exhibition effected by Cristóbal Aguado and showed adherents to adopt a series of initiatives in this regard that even could give place to a debate with final resolution in the plenary of the European Parliament.

Cristóbal Aguado, president of the Valencian Association of Agriculturalists (AVA-Asaja), taking part in front of the Committee of Requests of the European Parliament.
The requests posed by AVA-Asaja, collected in an exhaustive report presented in front of the PE in October of 2010 and that motivated precisely the appearance of Watered in Brussels, concretise in three basic points: endurecimiento of the controls and of the norms of import of products of pertinent vegetal origin of third countries to avoid the entrance of new plagues and illnesses; elimination of the concept of “tolerance to the import” in virtue of the cual allows that the fruit and vegetables mattered of third countries have a Maximum Limit of Waste (LMR) phytosanitary ware that, paradoxically, is not authorised stop the products hortofrutícolas cultivated in floor comunitario; and, finally, it requests also the set up of those legal procedures that allow the reintroducción in the market of determinate active substances against the plagues whose use remained desautorizado by the last and very restrictivos changes operated in the legislation on phytosanitary ware. In this sense, the agricultural organisation did special upsetting in the need to resolve what before the alarming fault of availability of phytosanitary ware that suffer the agriculturalists for the called “lower uses”, this is, for the crops of little extension like the khaki or the chufa.


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